Pinnacle Design Consultants: Advanced Tech & Domain Expertise for Authentic Structural Engineering Designs

Chetan Sidgiddi,Founder & Managing Director

Chetan Sidgiddi

Founder & Managing Director

The structural design consulting market has made huge progress in India over the last decade. IT innovations have transformed the way projects are executed. Market reports suggest that there will be more than 10 percent growth in the demand for Structural Engineers by 2028. This growth can be attributed to the rapid development in terms of Residential and Commercial constructions. However, architects encounter various challenges while availing Structural design services. First is the lack of domain expertise despite the availability of advanced design software. Secondly, architects require prompt and efficient services with adherence to project timelines. They also expect Structural design providers to work cost-effectively while maintaining design quality.

Pinnacle Design Consultants from Bengaluru, Karnataka, provides a solution to both these aspects. The company is equipped with domain expertise with advanced Structural design software, making it one of its kind in this sector that delivers projects within the specified time frame. The fact that the company’s growth until now has only been through word of mouth proves that it is indeed a reliable partner in this field. The firm's primary objective is to give a cost-efficient Structural system that will complement the architecture and make efficient use of Structural materials while maintaining constructability.

Komal Dubas Sidgiddi, Managing Director

As a full-source structural engineering firm, it brings a wealth of technical experience and problem-solving expertise to any given project in concrete, steel, and composite construction. While the company designs Structural systems that are functional and economical, it also takes pride in the synergy it has with clients. By working very closely, Pinnacle Design Consultants cultivates long-lasting associations based on mutual respect.

The company specializes in complex architectural designs that require absolute domain expertise. It started out in 2016 with a bulk of individual housing projects and has excelled a lot in that segment.
From humble beginnings, the company has now grown a strong client base. Apart from providing direct services, Pinnacle Design Consultants also provides third-party vetting services in terms of structural design. “Residential housing and Commercial projects have been the key to our business until now and we have worked on very complex and challenging architectural goals for that. Recently, we have also started catering to National and International Airport internal store’s sector, which has majorly Steel designs”, mentions Chetan Sidgiddi, Founder & Managing Director, Pinnacle Design Consultants.

Growth Story
Since its inception in 2015-16 with only a couple of architects as clients, the company now has a strong network of more than 75 architects and builders. It has completed numerous projects all over Karnataka & South India and more importantly has worked with very popular names in the business ecosystem like Collage Architecture Studio, Cadence Architects, Edifice Consultants, CnT Architects, Capitaland, SBR Group, Colliers International, Svamitva Architecture Studio, Sweven Studio, Dairy Day Ice Creams and many Government departments.

Through trustworthy services, the company has made a mark in the design of various rooftop projects, buildings with floating and hanging columns, and other kinds of complicated RCC designs. “Our work generally starts after the architectural plans are sanctioned and approved by the client. And it is important that all the Structural elements are in place when we provide designs to architects”, says Chetan Sidgiddi.

Since the inception of Pinnacle Design Consultants, the company has had the privilege of working with incredible partners, but one individual has stood out as a driving force behind its growth. Swapnil Valvatkar, the founding partner of Collage Architecture Studio. His unwavering support and collaboration have been instrumental in the company's journey. Swapnil has not only been a partner but a true friend to Pinnacle.

Residential housing & Commercial projects have been the key to our business until now & we have worked on very complex & challenging architectural goals for that. Recently, we have also started catering to National & International Airport internal store’s sector, which has majorly steel designs

Operational Excellence
Pinnacle Design Consultants prioritizes adherence to Indian Standard Codes and government construction regulations. The company's process is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, ensuring cost-effective and value-driven solutions for clients. A step-by-step process is followed by the company from the moment it undertakes a project. Here, it is worth mentioning that the “Company sticks to the particulars that need to be concentrated on within a definite time frame that makes its services further cost-effective for the clients”, mentions Komal Dubas Sidgiddi, Managing Director.

The company also shows acute technology excellence and has some of the advanced Structural design software like StaadPro, Etabs, and Draftwin which are all the latest original licensed versions. Combined with a highly skilled and experienced workforce, this technology empowers Pinnacle Design Consultants to provide unparalleled and incomparable design consultancy.

Future Projections
The company has acquired many projects and successfully executed them until now. Looking ahead, the company is planning on expanding Pan-India and has also acquired projects abroad. It has executed projects in Dubai and Saudi Arabia and is trying to gain more projects there. “My Partner Komal Dubas Sidgiddi has recently taken up an additional role of Business Development Manager and since then, we have seen a lot of acceleration in the business. We hope to break more barriers in the coming years”, concludes Chetan.