Prione Business Services: Arming SMBs with e-Commerce Solutions & Technological Assistance

Sandeep Varaganti, CEOCategorized as a one-stop shop for varied industries, e-Commerce platforms forecast compelling growth prospects with long-term potential. While the Indian e-Commerce ecosystem is taking the world by its strides, reporting a CAGR of 36 percent, the industry is growing 2.5 times higher than present pace and is anticipated to cross the Rs.45 lack crore target in the near future. Carving a niche amidst this evolutionary segment, Bangalore-based Prione Business Services(a joint venture between Catamaran Ventures & Amazon), with its efficient feet on street teams spread across 50+ cities, has successfully enabled 65,000 small and medium businesses (SMBs) across 150+ cities to sell their products in the online marketplace.

Established in 2014, Prione helps SMBs jump start their businesses through knowledge sharing, training and digitizing their catalogues by undertaking internet compliant product photography and product literature. The company works backwards, designs services and provides training on all aspects of online selling, including fulfillment services recommendation and capabilities development to help SMBs deliver best-in-class customer service and grow their businesses exponentially.
Redefining the Commerce of Tomorrow
What makes Prione an e-Commerce maestro is its quality service, talent and investment in technology & products. This helps in establishing a personal connect with sellers across the country, and drive their long-term success parallel to the company’s growth. It follows the mechanism of collecting and reviewing customer feedback by leveraging its on-ground teams efficiency and strives for constant improvement by combining technology (tools) and processes (SOPs). The company is delivering high-standard customer experience by inventing scalable strategies for expansion through franchisee partners and strengthening its tele-calling support to provide instant based account management service.

What makes Prione an e-Commerce maestro is its quality service, talent and investment in technology & products

Unlike traditional retail business requiring heavy investments, Prione’s ‘Jumpstart SMBs Online Business’ service helps SMBs start their online business quickly and seamlessly. While the ‘Digitize Your Catalog’ solution provides professionally made digital catalogs with high quality photography, using professional models and image editing. And, the ‘Manage and Grow your Online Business’ provision enables these SMBs take advantage of the fast growing digital economy. “By helping sellers adopt e-Commerce solutions for logistics, advertising and providing account
management support, we have evolved from a seller enablement mindset to a seller success mindset. For us, that is sustainable work,” avers Sandeep Varaganti, CEO, Prione.

Since customer expectations have increased from e-Commerce and the absence of database prevails for self-helps groups and cooperatives, Prione devised a stratagem to deliver world-class customer service, make products discoverable and employ innovative inputs. This strategy comprises of inventory management and advertisement of products, providing catalog enhancement services and introducing new account management services through mass communication means.

Technical Expertise& Profitable Success
Prione leverages internal facing technology, CRM and efficiency improvement tools to help SMBs digitize their catalogs along with deploying automated inventory update systems and APIs for large-scale inventory management. Besides SMBs, the company empowers artisans from remote places sell their products online through 3D imaging technology. Leaving no gaps for data breach, Prione’s CMIT team ensures data check-points using firewalls and network security systems while its stringent compliance policies allows e-Commerce activity of sellers with valid GST only.

Graphing growth revenues four times the initial capital, Prione is on the road to developing processes, mechanisms and tools to enable a million SMBs start selling online by 2020 With this promising credo, Prione has empowered companies like Serin & Party Propz to augment their product reach.