Probity Research: Administering & Executing Market Research Services

Market Research is the most sought after stratagem in the industry today. All organizations have embraced it in order to understand the market scenario and identify the plan of actions to ameliorate the anatomy of businesses. Perceiving this top priority need, Dharmesh Kalra and David contrived Probity, a leading online data collection company that assists businesses with well founded and effectual market research services. Probity’s journey began when two industry experts Dharmesh and David came together to give shape to their identical end in view and line of thinking. In the early stage, they contrive an out and out market research company which in due course developed its own inhouse proprietary panel which gradually oriented towards as B2B research, by and large focusing on healthcare and other disciplines. The array of services that it offers is categorised in three different headings i.e. Consumer Segment, B2B/IT and Healthcare/Ailment Segment. Under B2B division the company renders services such as IT Decision Makers, Business Decision Makers, Software Developers, and Small Business Owners. It serves the healthcare sector with valuable information concerning Cancer sufferers/Care givers, Diabetes Type I&II, Psoriasis, and others. As far as its assistance to the consumer segment is concerned, it confers suitable solutions depending on the client’s needs and requirements. “We ventured in this space to provide costeffective, high quality and constructive market research solutions that could simplify the procedures of administering businesses, securing furtherance in every endeavour,” states Dharmesh, Co-Founder, Probity.

Beside these, the company is also putting forward online sampling, CATI services, Programming & Hosting services, project management services mainly to clients in Research, Retail and IT industry both in India and abroad. Probity inevitably aims of
providing most appropriate and opportune services, coerces it to put in extra efforts, constructive parameters to analyse and conduct detailed survey in order to meet the needs and requirements of the clients and sketch out best suiting solutions and valuable insights. To which he adds“Framing best
Dharmesh Kalra & David Shaw , Co-Founders
quality offering has always been a challenging task for us. We have to very attentively observe the behaviour of the market trends and business operating in different domains. Our panel team keep tabs on the various activities and details of the panellists in order to reach to the core of the subject.” The company has built up an adroit and staunch team that facilitates the successful execution of its defined plan of actions.

Probity provides cost-effective, high quality and constructive market research solutions

Established in 2012, slowly but surely Probity has climbed the ladder of success. Its journey initiated with only two people which gradually elevated. Rooted in New Delhi India, the company has set up its centres in the United States and the United Arab Emirates. The number of clients has also increased exponentially in all the outlets. In the years ahead, it aspires to further mount up the number of clients and revenue at the same time. To fulfil these objectives, it is proposing to take on board top-notch employees. “Perceiving the possibility of Indian market undergoing considerable yet positive changes, we are remoulding our services based on the industry standards that will boost up our new client engagements. Our focus is to improve our quality, quantity and productivity. We are and will be concentrating maintaining our commitment and trust with our clients,” he concludes.