Prodigy Recruitment & Consulting: Leveraging Market Mapping & Data Mining to Identify the Talent

Narendra Kumar Dubey,FounderPublishing a job advertisement on job portals is like throwing the old stale bait out into the old pond and waiting to catch a fish. One may catch a fish but there’s only a nominal chance of catching a big fish. Prodigy Recruitment & Consulting, is a one-of-its-kind venture that is well beyond this outdated & bad fishing technique. This Mumbai-based company leverages market mapping & data mining to understand & interpret the spread of talents right from entry level to top management across PAN India market. This helps it to pinpoint the skill level, and consequent expectation of candidates for specific roles, as well as in illustrating the geographical spread of talent and where to catch valuable candidates. Delving deep to unearth diverse parameters such as a candidate's performance history, integrity & credibility & much more through this process,
Prodigy filters out the best candidates who precisely suit its client’s requirements, unlike most other recruiters who work on open mandates.

"Prodigy filters out the best candidates who precisely suit its client’s requirements, unlike most other recruiters who work on open mandates"

Commendable Services
BSFI sector is in dire need of a proficient workforce who can quickly adapt to change & deal with the global & local pressures of the financial crisis. Possessing a team of experienced professionals who have in-depth knowledge of roles & responsibilities of different functions at various levels in BFSI sector, Prodigy adeptly addresses its BFSI clients’ requirements, wherein nearly 40 candidates placed by it are holding top management posts in the leading insurance companies today. In fact, Narendra Kumar Dubey (Founder) has worked for more than 15 years in the BFSI sector. Besides providing tested & trained candidates through its permanent staffing service, Prodigy also leverages data mining to provide proficient, flexible & responsive temporary staffing support via its Temp staffing services. The company also sources candidates for senior, executive or other highly specialized positions through its executive search service.
Beyond Sourcing Talent
Incepted in 2016 with a team of four members, the company has witnessed an acoustic growth in its revenue annually, with Rs.50 lakh in 2016-17, Rs.1.2 crore in 2017-18 and aims to make it more than Rs.3 crore this FY. How? Narendra gives the credit to Prodigy’s concave project service that helped it grow vertically as well as horizontally. This service facilities new companies especially insurance & their consulting firms in establishing their firms right from identifying their office premises to staffing. Prodigy not just helps businesses in evaluating the competitive landscape ahead of time to help them prepare for upcoming market dynamics, but also plays an instrumental part in offering its advice for companies launching new departments/verticals.

Aiming to assist educational institutes(especially those located in remote areas) in placing their students, Prodigy is launching an in-house application/platform by this October. This platform will enable educational institutes to upload their students’ profile and Prodigy to share the data with its client companies for recruitment. This free-of-cost service will also assist its technological team in performance tracking, data mining and managing the outsourcing process smartly. Prodigy also targets to provide coaching and HR consultancy services by 2019-20.