Prothoughts Solutions: One-Stop-Shop Solution For Project Management Training

Ashish Sadekar,FounderFor a project to be successful, project managers have to de-liver high quality deliverables at every stage of the project without compromising on cost and deadline. For that to happen, a project manager must be competent in project management through both experience and academic excellence. In order to upskill their project managers, organi-zations today are looking to invest in project management training.

While there are several businesses offering project management training courses, one company that is shining bright with their end-to-end interactive learning solution is Prothoughts Solu-tions.Established in 2014 by Ashish Sadekar, Prothoughts solutions offer a wide range of training products that help businesses train their employees into leaders.

The company focuses exclusively on Project and Portfolio management. It is divided in three verticals 1. Project Certification Trainings ­ The company is accredited to PMI and offer project certification trainings such as PMP SUCCESS (TM) Preparatory work-shop and PfMP & PgMP bootcamps. Also, they are indulged in Project Man-agement fundamentals, Agile proj-ect management and more. They are leaders for Disciplined Agile Training across the globe.

2. Project Manage-ment Software - They help in training employees into the global mid-market leader for customers' projects to suc-ceed. The company also sells, imple-ments, supports and are the offshore partners of the US principal. 3. Apart from the above learning services, the company also provides consulting and counselling services to clients. Altogether, the collaborative platform gathers all aspirants, practitioners and experts at one place!
The company offers three learn-ing modes besides corporate training, namely classroom training for executives across cities like Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Bangalore, online learning for a global audience by a live instructor, and e-Learning ­ a self-paced & convenient training. The company also provides training physically in international locations such as Mauritius, Middle East and live instructor led training for all international locations.

The company has been acquiring profound experiences due to constant interactions with its strong communi-ty of project managers from diverse industries and geographies. The recent works on transforming the traditional project management practices into Ag-ile for larger organizations is one great example, where the company leverages the above experiences across creating strategic modules & initiatives.

Certi-fied Discipline Agilist Scrum Master (DASM) & Certified Disciplined Ag-ile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) Certification, are new recognitions in the world of Agile. It gives the lethal combination of Scrum, Lean and Disci-plined Agile concepts in a single class, which makes implementation of Agile in your workplace more effective. It encompasses the entire Agile land- scape currently available and provides options and trade-offs to bring agility to your business. It has been observed that many of the Agile practices may not be relevant because every team is unique and every situation is unique.

Prothoughts is proud to be among the very first partners of Disciplined Agile in India. It brings in-house expertise to help organizations and practitioners to bring agility in their workplace and businesses. "We are known for quality workshops with superior material and Game based Interactive methodology. We will continue with the same tradi-tion and provide a unique experience to our customers through our Disciplined Agile workshops", states Ashish.

Prothoughts has recently launched the first ever Podcast on Disciplined Agile, wherein Ashish Sadekar is the host as an Instructor. The firm is also live on multiple social media platforms with multiple live events & post agile management related content & various content resources like webinars, blogs & surveys.

Today, the company is extremely proud of its play while learning con-cept, which has gotten great reviews from many participants. In the train-ing sessions, they are continually ad-vancing these play components. For instance, they recently presented its in-novations to one of the clients, demon-strating how to apply lessons learned to a real-world project. This was warmly received.

In consideration of its corporate cli-ents, the company intends to increase both its local and global presence (served clients in Mauritius & Thai-land at comparatively lesser rates and high-value offerings). Additionally, they want to expand their portfolio of solutions, improve courses and content, roll out a lot of Agile courses, and de-velop original e-Learning materials.