Prudentia Learning Solutions: Helping Organizations to build high performance teams

Shashi Kanth S.S.,DirectorThe vision of helping organizations build high performance teams to manage growth inspired a dynamic professional Shashi Kanth S.S. to establish Prudentia Learning Solutions, a new age Technology Enabled Blended Learning company offering solutions covering critical elements of the Talent Value Chain.

Considering the needs of the industry, the company crafts and executes a wide range of solutions ranging from Online Assessments, Learning & Development, Performance Management, Skill Fests and Talent Supply Chain through Hire & Train and Train & Hire. Its technology enabled blended learning solutions help it to deliver with speed, scale and standardization in building capability of talent. These solutions are customized under the supervision of experienced professionals across industry domains who spend time to know and analyse the organization requirements. "Our mission is to Assess Right, Train Right, Engage Right to Retain Right Talent," says Shashi Kanth.

To make sure that the offerings fulfil the purpose, the team at Prudentia Learning Solutions run through a process led diagnostics. "We believe in the concept of `Training with a Purpose', as we design and execute all our solutions through our 4 stage Performance Design. Our Performance Arithmetic helps us to focus our solutions to help talent meet performance metrics. We
believe in Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills, Build Capability to Retain talent. We urge organizations to follow a Performance Culture as it is a Happy Culture," he mentions.

In a span of just a year and a half, Prudentia Learning Solutions has created a niche for itself in the industry working with their clients. The organization operates its activities PAN India through the numerous and robust connections and corporate links it has developed over time.

The organization has deployed its solutions in well-established firms across industries like FMCG, Automobile, Telecom, Engineering and E commerce. It has kept all of its clients satiated with both well-crafted as well as well- executed pertinent services.

Prudentia is a 15-month-old firm and it has come a long way. "We have grown in terms of clients, revenue and geographical presence at a moderate pace yet lucratively. Furthermore, the pace at which our business development funnel is escalating, we have calibrated our approach to scale up the business and take it to a completely different level," avers ShashiKanth.

Prudentia Learning Solutions aims to remain a technologically enabled blended learning company that helps organizations build winning teams to manage growth

Talking about future endeavours, Prudentia Learning Solutions aims to remain a technologically enabled firm that helps organizations build winning teams to manage growth.

It also aspires to make new solutions to strengthen its portfolio so that it can accomplish its purpose of solving customers' problems regarding performance.

Anticipating the challenges that the workforce and organizations would face post lockdown, we have launched the TOUGH series of blended learning courses to help build mental toughness and secure employee commitment.

To meet the emerging needs, the company plans to expand its team and get on board experts from distinct disciplines. "We strive towards encouraging people to continue learning, upgrade their knowledge and skills and spread awareness about the importance of building a team's capability and observe the tenet-Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills, Build Capability for Retention' he concludes.