PS Associates: Pioneering Sound Proofing Solutions with Precision & Innovation

R Venkataraman ,  Managing Director

R Venkataraman

Managing Director

In the dynamic soundscape of various industries, the role of acoustic consultants and manufacturers has become increasingly pivotal. The demand for competent firms in this field is driven by the pressing need to address complex acoustic challenges in diverse sectors such as manu-facturing, automotive, and industrial settings. Clients now seek comprehensive solutions that go beyond mere product supply, requiring a competent firm capable of conducting precise measurements, offering value engineering, and providing end-to-end services. A competent acoustic firm must meet these demands by staying at the forefront of technological advancements, cultivating a skilled team capable of delivering tailored solutions that effectively mitigate noise-related problems.

Established in 2009 and headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, PS Associates has emerged as a leading force in addressing sound-related challenges. As a solution provider and acoustic soundproofing manufacturer, the company has carved a niche in diverse sectors, including automotive, manufacturing, and machinery. With a focus on the entire audio frequency spectrum, PS Associates sets itself apart by providing comprehensive solutions for both high and low-frequency noise issues. The company's expertise spans the design, measurement, manu-facturing, and installation of acoustic chambers, ensuring a holistic resolution to clients' noise-related concerns.
Noteworthy is PS Associates' commitment to precision, utilizing meticulous measurements, noise generators, and speakers in a complete setup to simulate conditions. This dedication allows for value engineering, reflecting the company's holistic approach and ensuring that clients receive not just products, but a tailored and effective solution, truly embodying value for money.

Engineering Excellence & Integrated Solutions

As of September 2013, the company has transitioned into a manufacturing firm, expanding its capabilities to offer engineering consultancy, NVH testing, dynamic balancing, and renewable energy management solutions. PS Associates combines engineering prowess with meticulous workmanship, successfully supplying acoustic lining materials, noiseless chambers, and acoustic enclosures to esteemed clients across India. “At PS Associates, our specialization lies in the comprehensive realm of design and manufacturing, encompassing acoustic test facilities, noiseless booths, and acoustic enclosures. Our expertise extends to engine test cell acoustic lining, where precision meets innovation. We excel in project management and consultancy services for acoustic treatment and NVH measurement, offering end-to end solutions", informs R. Venkataraman, Managing Director of PS Associates.

“From installation and commissioning support for acoustic linings to noiseless booths and enclosures, we ensure seamless imple-mentation. Additionally, our proficiency extends to acoustic tests, with tailor-made training sessions and seminars available on request. Beyond acoustics, we are trusted consultants for dynamic balancing and renewable energy management solutions, delivering holistic expertise. Furthermore, we provide integrated solutions in GPS-based tracking for school buses, transport fleets, and comprehensive school management systems, reflecting our commitment to diverse and impactful solutions”, continues R. Venkataraman.

The Robust Way Ahead

PS Associates is expanding its footprint with the establishment of a new manufacturing setup and Research & Development center. This endeavor encompasses a visionary initiative to engage with colleges and universities, fostering educational projects and internships for students pursuing higher education. The company is poised to embark on a multifaceted approach, including plans for vibration measurements and the establishment of NABL-accredited labs within the R&D center. Collaborating with college students and faculty, PS Associates is committed to not only advancing its technological capabilities but also contributing to the educational and research landscape, solidifying its position at the forefront of innovation and knowledge exchange.