QCC Management Solution: Helping Businesses Lead

Jigar Vora, Founder

Jigar Vora


Globalization has brought about piece of good fortune for businesses. The portal of international trade and commerce has brought in a plethora of benefits for companies irrespective of what domain it belongs to. Such opportunities has certainly intensified the competition in the market, and to stay a step ahead in this competitive environment every organizations is bound to maintain fitting services & solutions, efficiency and above all develop a trustful image. ISO Consultants strategize formulas and allocate standard certifications to help ventures sustain the market challenges and create a strong image in both national and international disciplines.

Based in Ahmedabad, QCC Management Solution is one of the leading ISO Consulting in India, rendering analysed services to companies wishing to inflate its standard, sales and reputation globally. The founding stone of the company is laid by Jigar Vora, a professional and certified Lead Auditor of ISO & Management Consultancy Field. Coming from a business family, he does have acute knowledge and understanding about the mannerism in which businesses function. After pursuing P.E Electronics and Communications, he decides to start a business of his own through which he could frame suitable provisions and help firms flourish in every aspect. “With only 4000 rupees I plunged to venture in this niche
domain and initiate an ISO consultancy firm. My sheer dedication and determination has made me the proud owner of a big empire, QCC Management Solution,” states Jigar Vora.

QCC Management Solution has been equipping clients with appropriate solutions which is framed by calculating and analysing their needs and requirements

The Journey:
The overall journey of QCC Management Solution has been a great one. Ever since its inception, it has been equipping clients with appropriate solutions which is framed by calculating and analysing their needs and requirements. It makes sure that the various offerings it proffers best suits their needs and incurs them maximum benefits. ISO(System) Consultancy, Management Consultancy, Industrial Consulting, and Corporate Training Services are some of its specialities which earned it uttermost recognition. Along with this it is also acquainting people with the benefits of these services. “We do not only develop and provide services to our clients. We make sure that our clients understand what they are dealing with. So we elucidate the role and function of each panacea that we have designed for them” he adds. The company has been extending itself to the reach the goals of its clients. It believes that the way of achieving success is by successfully accomplishing their goals.

QCC Management Solution recognised success only because of its supportive and sincere team. It has worked dedicatedly towards executing every task appropriately so as to build a trustworthy image. Each team member is aptly qualified and own wide understanding of the industry. They formulate best as well as opportune solutions utilizing their expertise, requisite and nature of the businesses. To which he adds “I consider my team to be the heart of the company. Without them nothing could have been possible.”

At today’s date the company has been experiencing a 100 per cent year on year growth and has on boarded 900+ clients from different space. It started its journey from Gujarat and has reached major cities like MP, Maharashtra and Bengaluru. It is working to established itself in other Indian states and countries like USA and Africa. “We have planned to extend our services in the various industries like the hospital, automation, Pharma chemical, Laboratory, NADL, Product certification and others,” he concludes.