Renodo Innovation Consulting: Leading Virtual Incubator Disseminating Innovation as a Culture via Consulting & Tailored Ideation Workshops

Biju R B,Founder & CEO

Biju R B

Founder & CEO

The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation ~ said Bob Iger, Chairman & CEO of The Walt Disney Company. Even the giant companies who fail to keep up with these two words often stumble or become history. For instance, the fumbling of Kodak multiple times, the lost decade of Microsoft with a cascade of bad breaks, the disappearance of Borders bookstore chain and an endless list of failed companies that disregarded to innovate and change regularly, denotes the surging need for a proper innovation management. Dissecting these scenarios, Renodo Innovation Consulting presents an efficient innovation framework that aids each organization to meet its innovation vision right from the first day of its establishment by devising a productive idea funnel, right structure, policy and process to identify new problems in the fast paced market and to sustainably innovate. Moreover, the company ensures that the clients imbibe innovation as a culture and hence renders long-term innovation consulting to them.

Sprouting Up of Ideas
Casting light on the words of Bryan Mattimore, an expert on ideation techniques, explains the fact that ideation sessions introduce new stimuli to excite people’s brains in a new way and that’s where new ideas come from. By fathoming the wonders of ideation workshops in either changing the existing service methodology or revamping it with a new marketing avenue, Renodo extends its arm in conducting ideation and Design Thinking workshops to unveil the hidden ideas in each mastermind of the client’s business and prepare them for the challenging future. In contrast to innovation consulting, the ideation workshop is tailored as per the client’s requirement by creating a virtual ecosystem and mostly held for a day or two wherein profuse ideas are generated for the client to choose as per his/her preference.

Succouring Startups
Its largely observed that 90 percent of start-ups fail within few years of their establishment. Renodo believes that lack of
proper understanding of their product & ideation is one of the major reasons for this failure as it is performed solely by product manager disregarding the requisite customer demands. Surmounting this ignorance, Renodo edifies its clients to firstly apprehend the customers’ needs before identifying, defining and solving the problems entailed in a product’s design. On the other hand, being incepted mostly by tech-people, the absence of sales team is a generic view in startups, which leads to poor product/idea promotion, while some gradually outsource the task of product management, marketing and sales to separate vendors, ultimately costing them their survival.

Renodo edifies its clients to firstly apprehend the customers’ needs before identifying, defining and solving the problems entailed in a product’s design

But Renodo outshines among the vanilla consultants as a 360-degree growth hack provider in terms of product, marketing and sales inscribed with innovation all under one roof. Right from identifying product market fit, framing & executing marketing strategy, defining the sales process to the way of approaching customers, it provides each and every requirement essential to close more business deals faster.To generate more leads in order to enhance the sales rates, Renodo’s team deploys state-of-the-art tools and technologies and also trains itself to keep track of the emerging trends.

While most startups focus on innovation, they ignore the very important aspect to protect them. Being the heart of any company, IP (idea/product/feature/service) ought to be protected securely from third parties’ replication and deployment in their businesses. Renodo aids its customers in identifying patentable IP, drafting and filing for the patent via its partnership with IP attorneys and also helps in IP monetization, thus again building a one-point-solution stack for its customers.

By initially signing a mutual NDA with its clients, Renodo ensures to not pose its ideas or someone else’s on them and engages primarily in providing a framework to create/channelize their own ideas.

“When,a Singapore-based AI company was struggling to manage its diversified portfolio,
high work pressure and churn,we streamlined their focus onto Fintech, one of their potential areas by analyzing their niche and capabilities and market demands, and thereby transforming them into a lending-bot company which now gains higher traction besides a huge customer base,” illustrates Biju R B, CEO & Founder, Renodo.

Prospective Visions
Holding a flexible revenue generation model, Renodo charges consulting fee either on a monthly/project-basis, per person model for training/workshop or outcome based model entailing a nominal fee for some fumbling start-ups. Growing around 48 percent in revenue from its inception by serving customers across India, U.S. and Singapore, the company is eyeing its expansion in Middle East, African, Malaysian and Indonesian markets. In view of start-ups tussling financially, it has tied up with four investment companies to create a panel of investors for aiding them in funding.

Currently involved in building a 'Challenge Corner’, to be licensed to corporates, it ensures that this SaaS-based platform accumulates all ideas, challenges faced and solutions in a single place and envisions to launching this by March, 2018. In a nutshell, as it has procured a nonpareil position among its contemporaries as a consultant firm proffering services right from innovation, product management, sales, marketing, training, and funding to scaling up of any start-up or well-established business, Renodo is on the verge of rebranding itself as a ‘Virtual Incubator’ very soon.

Key Management:
Biju R B, Founder & CEO
With more than two decades of industry experience in Innovation Management, Co-creation, Ideation, Technology, Technical Sales, Product Management, Business Development and M&A, Biju has been successful in creating an innovation culture in his previous organizations and delivering many co-creation/ideation workshops to his customers generating million dollar ideas for them.
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  • Product, Marketing and Sales Transformation (360o Growth Hacking)
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