Resource Power Consultancy: Providing Value added & Cost-effective Services to its Clients

Aniruddha Roy,  Founder Director

Aniruddha Roy

Founder Director

The Indian recruitment market has grown significantly in recent years, the expanding market size and the thousands of placement consultants scattered around the country are indicators that it wants to establish itself as one of the major staffing markets. In India, there are about 23,500 employment agencies and more than twelve staffing firms generate annual revenues of more than 1000 crores a few of these firms are even getting close to the 5000 crore threshold.

Established in 2011, Resource Power Consultancy is a leading provider of integrated IT & HR solutions, which aims to be a reliable recruitment partner by integrating staff development programs with highquality hiring services for its clients in various industries. With more than nine years of experience in the industry, ten years of employment and recruitment expertise with Manpower, and highly qualified technical specialists, RPC has long-standing strategic partnerships with some of the top OEMs in the world and offers its clients dependable IT solutions & affordable staffing services to help them expand their businesses. "The market has significantly matured since we started the company and in the years to come, we certainly expect that it will expand greatly. As a firm, we'll continue to strive for the organization's overall success", speaks Aniruddha Roy, the Founder Director of RPC.

RPC offers hiring solutions with a particular emphasis on Infrastructure Managed Services, Recruitment & Staffing Solutions, Enterprise Solutions, Security Infrastructure
Management and more. RPC is focused on fostering excellent client relationships and developing trust with their clientele by streamlining and simplifying the recruitment process and offering them the greatest resource available. "Our goal is to deliver higher availability, better performance, and enhanced utilization by continuously monitoring the client's existing infrastructure. We quickly and efficiently carry out our Service Level Agreements (SLAs), guaranteeing that the ideal performance levels necessary to meet the objectives of client's business unit are achieved", says Madhumita, the Delivery Head of RPC.

"We are also specialists in IT Services and Solutions, working with companies of all kinds across a wide range of diverse industries, from SMBs to huge corporations", speaks Aniruddha. To sustain and excel in this immensely competitive business world the firm has adopted strategies like HR outsourcing services ­ that are cost-effective as well as productive. The firm prioritizes the internal development of its staff members and continually trains them in new hiring practices and innovative ways to provide the best services to customers, setting it apart from other companies in the industry. Being in the service industry, RPC views the importance of service quality as paramount and provides its customers with high caliber and cost-effective services that create value & reduces cost.

Our goal is to deliver higher availability, better performance and enhanced utilization by continuously monitoring the client's existing infrastructure

"We want to expand both in terms of our clientele and domain of expertise. At the moment, we want to place more emphasis on the recruiting industry as a whole and provide reliable & cost-effective staffing solutions". signs off Aniruddha.