ROSE Market Research: Key Insights to Market with a Consistent Approach

Bharatbhushan Nirmal,Founder & Client Service Consultant

Bharatbhushan Nirmal

Founder & Client Service Consultant

Research throws light into valuable insights of the existing market and produce key findings for analysis. When a firm performs its various business strategic operations based on proper research and analysis, it enhances them to greatly deal with the changing environments in the domain. The scope for market research has become huge and many businesses are still trying to figure out its benefits. Bharatbhushan Nirmal, Founder of ROSE Market Research, observes that the masses have shown inclination towards entrepreneurship shifting their own career paths from a salaried employee to a business-person. He asserts that traditional methods of market research pro-grams prevail considering the pros and cons of the impact of Artificial Intelligence in research process. AI, which presents a data based on various impressions, textual and audio references cannot produce the actual inputs that a human might possess to have. ROSE Market Research based out of Palghar is bound to continually renew and repackage its offering considering the changes that evolve.

ROSE accepts changes that are consistent in integrity and simplicity of its delivery. The
firm follows an order of traditional methods that are suitable to human conditions. Nirmal believes that research has to be consistent and continuous with pauses rather than a quick one. He opines that a research is a continuous interaction and feedback on the basis of which the entire output takes shape. This benefits the client to have an equal space and freedom to suggest the roadmap ahead. ROSE possesses a unique workforce environment that gives liberty for its team to have a say over final decisions. Apart from a few young employees, the rest of the team comprises of seniors belonging to the age group of 35 ­ 65 carrying enough experience and wisdom.

ROSE possesses a unique workforce environment that gives liberty for its team to have a say over final decisions

ROSE gives employees enough time to sync with the environment to make them feel at-home and prompts open discussions for suggestions. The company which is currently looking to increase the bandwidth of its services has been focusing more on the client service part rather than count over the clients. "Many clients have started shifting their assignments to us due to our dedicated customer service and good response time", says Bharatbhushan Nirmal, Founder & Client Service Consultant, ROSE Market Research. ROSE anticipates making the venture fruitful for investors and making it effortless to convince an investor for expansion.

ROSE is currently focused in tier-1 and tier-2 cities mainly, but has envisioned exploring new areas on regular intervals. The firm perceives pain-points of customers as new opportunities to let the client experiment methods, and accompany them in the same experience. ROSE keeps consensus with the client on deciding the juncture where the project needs to be realigned. At times, ROSE con-fronts situation when clients stick to the project that they designed in a theoretical, mostly unrealistic way. The company sorts out such situations through mutual and practical discussions and gets the project realigned as required. By taking opinions from field teams through a quarterly get-together, ROSE makes the research process more acceptable to the client as well as the team.