SALT Learning & Development: Personalized Workshops to ensure Relevant Content

Shams Khan has over a decade of experience in the Banking Industry. Post this tenure; he got an opportunity to explore the field of Learning & Development with a Singapore based experiential company. As Shams reached his benchmark of 1000 facilitated work shops, he perceived the lack of balance in the learning & development sector where training were underdone and in most of the cases were over done. He decided to bring a change to the current situation and zeroed in upon creating SALT Learning and Development (SALT).

SALT provides training and work shop solutions for corporates, institutions, and government agencies. The specialized team manages everything from end to end and provides innovative and enjoyable experiential learning activities and discussions. "We primarily focus on how we can help businesses achieve the desired results that mean success to them. We embrace opportunities to personalize our workshops to ensure that we deliver most relevant content and achieve impactful results,"says Shams.

Each facilitator at SALT brings an average of 800-900 workshop experience delivered all across India & South East Asia. The specialization is not just in delivering the content, but it is in the holistic experience of the workshop that makes it memorable for every participant. "We believe that the process of learning can be fun if delivered the right way,"he mentions

Staying ahead of the Crowd

Most of the Learning & Development workshops are IQ driven and they tend to miss out EQ(Emotional Quotient). With the negligence of EQ, the actual outcome never gets achieved. Zooming in the same problem, most of the corporate trainers conduct training only for the tick marks and fulfilment of their KPIs. Understanding this, Team SALT primarily focuses on the WHYs of learning and not just the HOWs because they believe if people understand the importance and implications of what they are learning, they learn faster.
Shams Khan, Founder & Senior Facilitator
The team leaves no stone unturned to increase the level of engagement by incorporating more experiential activities which are customized, digitalized and saltified by their home grown facilitators with an average industry experience of 7-10 years. "For us, every workshop feels like an achievement when the client praises us for the experience given to them. Our motto has been really simple delivering a better workshop than yesterday without compromising on learning and fun,"he asserts."We have come across a lot of individual biases that are not always aligned to the organization's objectives. We understand that to deliver a successful workshop it is important to satisfy the participants, organizers and organizational goals. To sum it up it is our heart that we put into each engagement and that is our key differentiator,"he adds.

Each facilitator at SALT brings an average of 800-900 workshop experience delivered all across India & South East Asia

Steps towards Success

Over the years, with the right set of people and leadership, SALT has come a long way from where it started. In the next year,the team is looking forward to reaching a total revenue of 10 crores. Also, they are looking forward to hiring three Subject Matter Experts and 10 facilitators along with other organic expansions/inclusions for other departments like HR, Logistics, Finance and Business Development.

In the coming years, the team plans to keep its entire structure light to easily adapt to the changes."The need for this kind of a product is huge in a developing country like India we just need to reachout and take that. We are constantly developing new products and we keep coming up with training modules needed to fuel today's business and market requirements,"Shams smiles.