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Sadanand Kulkarni,Engineering Director

Sadanand Kulkarni

Engineering Director

A McKinsey & Company report estimates that an efficient automation process can reduce product development cycle time by up to 33 percent, thereby not just saving time but also effort that goes underutilised due to redundancy of menial tasks. Clearly, the fourth industrial revolution is upon us with automation taking the baton of bringing forth this change. With an aim to boost this contemporary practice, Pune-based Seiton Technologies, a technology focused, engineering and automation solutions provider, is helping companies from various industries gain a more streamlined functionality with its wide range of engineering and automation services, where it advises, manages, resources, designs, delivers, and supports control & automation projects. “Unlike our competitors, we do not have a generic solution model, and this is our USP. Our clients receive the benefit of tailor made and end-to-end solutions designed as per their need,” informs Sadanand Kulkarni, Engineering Director/Promoter, Seiton Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

An End-to-End Provision
Incepted in 2015, Seiton is helping customers craft automation and engineering solutions with a robust delivery model. For instance, with the help of its Electrical Detail Engineering & Instrumentation & Control Services, it is assisting clients to layout an accurate plan, explaining the exact design and methodology involved in installing the relevant equipment for the field projects, thus, easing the complexity of this niche offering. Similarly, the System Engineering Services help design control panels of motor cars by sketching out the relevant plan and deploying equipment of international standards. “These services usually constitute our system engineering and instrumentation & control offering where we furnish the client with not only designs but also the documents, adhering to
various regulatory compliances,” states Sadanand. These services are further reinforced by Seiton’s in-house EMS (Energy Management Solutions) and IT solutions.

Unlike our competitors, we do not have a generic solution model, and this is our USP. Our clients receive the benefit of tailor made and end-to-end solutions designed as per their need

The EMS is crafted to help industries consuming large amount of electricity enhance their energy conservation and utility management efforts, improve data accuracy and optimize demand by monitoring the energy meters and analysing the data collected on the centralised EMS server (that can be accessed remotely).

On the other hand, the Seiton Plant IT solutions arm customers with high-end customized application development for connecting & controlling diverse automation systems and software applications. Mean while, the Plant Automation Services include programming of products like Rockwell-Schneider, Siemens-and many more that are integrated with the company's automation services for all technologies with respect to industrial automation, providing ‘One Point Expertise’. These services are enabled with the help of smart plant P&ID’s and instrumentation design tools and many more.

Banking on its unique combination of industry knowledge and technical expertise, the company, through its project management provision, takes up the complete charge and provides a detailed estimation of the procedure, including procurement of materials & cost, and offers customers with step by step guidance to map out their projects more sustainably & economically, from inception to implementation.

With its commitment to deliver value based services, the team at Seiton delves into understanding the core business requirement and accordingly, define an engineering scope, with an estimate plan and a time-table that effectively tracks the project activity, create Bid/RFQ documents for contractors, specifies the
guidelines and even select the vendors best suited for the project, leaving the customer with only monetary investments to focus upon. This in turn enhances the client’s value proposition and gives them an edge over their competitors. It is no wonder that Seiton is one of the top choices for several companies (it is even an exclusive service provider for many OEMs,and service partner and consultant for a fertilizer & petrochemical company) in the pharmaceutical, and many other industrial sectors for their engineering & automation requirements in states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, and Chandigarh. Seiton even provides services to customers’ sites on behalf of its clients to Britain, South Korea, Africa, South America and several other countries.

Building Experts
With such core and unconventional offering as its forte, it is essential for the employees to be engaged in a program of constant learning. Seiton encourages this with its ‘Share & Learn’ program where every individual working on the project shares his/her experience, culminating it into a learning lesson for the others. Internal trainings are conducted on a regular basis and freshers undergo a special training for three months where they are introduced to the industrial nuances and terminologies. These trainings are directed towards helping them understand the company goal and vision that is to grow as one of the most prominent industrial players globally. “Keeping in mind our rapid pace, we envision growing up to Rs.10 crore by 2020. Additionally, collaboration and customer expansion is also on cards as we are signing up with several OEM providers to be their sole automation service providers,” concludes Sadanand.

Key Management
Sadanand Kulkarni, Engineering Director
Leveraging his technical know and expertise in the instrumentation field, Sadanand is helping Seiton craft unique and industry relevant engineering and automation solutions for a more effective process for the clients.

Office: Pune
Offerings: System Engineering Design, Electrical Detail Engineering Services, Project Management and Instrumentation & Control Services