Skalent Consultancy: Creating and Organizational Roadmap of Success

With the changing nature of organizations and the new millennial workforce,the ecosystem has evolved and grown competitive over time. The complex and demanding nature of the market has made it necessary for any organization to have the top leadership management. Be it a startup or a well established brand, every company requires to undertake some training and development for business transformation. In a time, where learning and development industry has hit a block and is in a dire need of customization, Skalent Consultancy came into the picture and decided to give what the industry needed the most 'Innovation.'

Started as a client relationship with its parent company ‘Pushpam Groups,'Skalent strives to bring a wave of meaningful innovation in the market through its customized training programs. "We believe in delivering legacies with a futuristic, customer centric and practical approach towards competence development"says Dr. Sachin Chopda, Vice President, Skalent Consultancy.

Understanding the needs of their clients and the norms of training, Skalent works on building sustenance mechanism while creating interpersonal relationships for life.The company focuses on helping a person understand the necessity of learning in an organisation through its implementation methodologies. Imparting the knowledge of such methodologies not only helps them introduce a change of perception in the value chain but also have a positive impact on the company's growth.

With a PAN-India presence, the company currently offers corporate learning and entrepreneurial development. They have also invested in the niche domain of educational & individual development which is yet to be launched to the public. Through its workshop and training program, Skalent handles the
complete life cycle of an employee from the very basic executive level to crème de la crème of the organisation.
Dr. Sachin Chopda , Vice President
The Journey of Transformation

The landscape of monotony that prevails in the learning and development industry currently, posed a lot of challenges in the company's journey. In an era where every client is more focused on a company's age than its achievements, it became quite difficult for Skalent to stand out. But, through its impactful delivery and innovative implementation methodologies the company captured the market and now withholds a strong position in the learning and development industry.

Skalent breaks the circle of monotony in the learning and development industry through its customized business solutions

Over the years, Skalent has worked with over 100 clients and is also working with CEOs and leaders at global level. "With a strong strategic plan in place, we have seen year on year growth both in terms of revenue and clients. Through our excellent training workshops, we have managed to create an impact on a client's professional life as well as personal life” adds Sachin, profoundly.

Skalent’s primary focus is on making people understand that it is important to grow as learning is constant and every day the company is marching ahead on that road through its different and customized training solutions and role plays. Incorporating new technologies every day in their training programs, they also plan to expand their operations abroad and set up training centres beyond India.