Solace Acoustic: Taking Soundproof Solutions to a New Level

Shweatank Tiwari,   Co-Founder

Shweatank Tiwari


As urban encroachment brings industry nearer to people’s homes, parks, and wildlife, it’s more important than ever to manage the impact of unwanted noise. Striking a balance between aesthetics, functionality, and the human experience in a variety of architectural constructions is not an easy task. One needs to have knowledge on acoustics and noise reducing treatment. This is where acoustic consultants play a crucial role in creating environments that optimize sound quality and minimize unwanted noise. This process helps promote clear communication, reduce reverberation, and control sound transmission while protecting the environment and residents living around. Solace Acoustic is one of renowned companies in the acoustics space offering a wide range of products in both industrial & architectural field.

In 2018, Shweatank Tiwari, Co Founder of Solace Acoustic seized an opportunity to collaborate with a US based and a Europe-based company, leading to the establishment of Solace Acoustic. The company forged a partnership with Soprema Group, a century-old company based in France, which played a crucial role in their growth.

Currently, Solace Acoustic is actively involved in engineering acoustics and architectural acoustics. Over the past few years, the company has successfully completed projects with notable companies such as
L&T and Boeing. One noteworthy project involved collaborating with L&T and Boeing on a joint venture. Additionally, it has designed India's first wind testing tunnel for the Swedish air conditioning company, System Air.

Solace is a business partner of Soprema Group, a 100-year-old France-based group with expertise in waterproofing, thermal insulation, and acoustic insulation. The company has a 2000 square meter facility that houses various machines, a warehouse for storing materials and stock, and serves as a production space for a range of products. These products include enclosures, turbine enclosures, and machine chambers.

Solace Acoustics’ core values encompass a commitment to utilizing cutting-edge technology in the field of soundproofing

“Our core values encompass a commitment to utilizing cutting-edge techno-logy in the field of soundproofing", states Shweatank. The company prioritizes environmentally friendly practices to ensure that its products have minimal impact on the environment. It maintains high standards for the quality of raw materials used, ensuring they meet stringent conditions. Furthermore, the company’s dedication lies in providing clients with guidance toward adopting cost effective and innovative solutions. These core values are integral to the company's ethos, which helps it get recognized as a global leader in reduction equipment provision.

Solace Acoustics’ solutions cater to disco theatres, home theatres, and auditoriums, providing effective sound proofing solutions tailored to these specific environments. On the industrial front, it specializes in offering solutions for anechoic chambers, commonly referred to as precise testing acoustic labs. These labs are equipped to conduct intricate tests on various equipment, such as washing machines, spatial pumps for car manufacturing, and other products. Additionally, the company’s expertise extends to sound test chambers where products undergo rigorous testing for noise levels upon completion.

For the future, the company aims to expand its product offerings in the thriving Indian market, driven by its rapid growth and increasing demand for new and cost-effective technologies. It is looking to introduce innovative products through new developments to cater to the evolving needs of the market. As India's growth continues, Solace anticipates its growth trajectory to align with the expanding market demands.