SONRISSA Inc: Asking Right Questions in the Right Way to Derive Valuable Insights into Consumer Behaviour

Malika Changani,Founder & Head of Client Engagement

Malika Changani

Founder & Head of Client Engagement

Market research has always been a unique way to understand the factors that affect one's business, to elevate its performance and to increase customer satisfaction. Ac-cording to Global Management Consulting Market, it was valued USD 120 Bn in 2017 and is expected to reach USD 170 Bn by 2026, at a CAGR of 4.45 percent during the forecast period. Since time waits for no one and the need for accurate, up-to-date business information is crucial, businesses need research fast, to stay ahead of the competition. "As internet penetration and digital adoption is on the rise in India, we thought that integrating technology with the existing process of data collection would have an enormous impact on being able to develop business insights faster and more comprehensively than previously possible. This need to make market research more agile led to the establishment of SONRISSA Inc. We are an online consumer insights company with its proprietary panel SaySO", enlightens Malika Changani, Founder & Head of Client Engagement, SONRISSA Inc.

SONRISSA Inc is a market re-search firm with a focus on delivering consumer insights and panel solutions to its clients, helping them make in-formed decisions. Headquartered in
Mumbai, the firm specializes in quantitative research using online surveys. SONRISS-A adopts customizable online techniques for quantitative and community-based research; specializing in identifying and evaluating opportunities to introduce new products and services. Solutions are delivered through two forms of primary research - Custom Research and Syndicated Research. Custom Research is crafted for a specific client where studies typically include new concept/service testing, marketing/ad testing, branding, packaging and many more. Syndicated Research offers behavioral and psychographic data that is collected on an ongoing basis and is available for purchase by multiple institutions. Primarily, SONRISSA is focused on delivering web-based survey and panel solutions in India. The firm's core offering of consumer opinion data is derived from its highly engaged proprietary panel of Indian consumers - Each day SaySO panel provides SONRISSA with thousands of data points on consumer attitudes, opinions and behavior. SONRISSA captures and stores these streams of data in the SaySO data library which holds historic single-source data.

SONRISSA captures and stores these streams of data in the SaySO data library which holds historic single-source data

However, innovative solutions are also met by roadblocks. Clients continued to use traditional research methods and their openness to online research was limited. They were often hesitant and felt reaching out to their existing customer base was good enough. To overcome this, SONRISSA highlighted the need of an external partner to gain a balanced perspective and diminish brand-related biases from one's own customers. Further, fostering the belief, while online research being faster and more flexible, it is also accurate and richer in data.

Looking ahead, as the use of internet is becoming ubiquitous in urban and rural areas alike, SONRISSA is working on creating additional channels & modes to help recruit and maintain panelists in the semi-urban areas too. Also, the company will soon be launching a multilingual feature in its survey platform starting with Hindi followed by other regional languages. "We are investing on our website, interfaces and dashboards so that clients can have easy access to our syndicated data archive, which will be launched by the end of this year", concludes Malika.