Sportnicians - The Sports People: For the Exceptional Experience in Sports

Ishraque J. Gulrays,Founder (The Initiator)

Ishraque J. Gulrays

Founder (The Initiator)

Sport, being a medium that instils mental and physical toughness, is a relevant tool in an era that finds entertainment in digital platforms. One of the most critical roles of a sports consultant will be to address the gap involved in enjoying real sport events in people's lives. By engaging them in a real world that requires physical movements and interaction, sports consultants often push their boundaries in developing the overall attitude and ability of the person. Sportnicians - The Sports People was established with an aim to fuel the dream of every individual who needed to stay connected to sports. The company provides a list of varying services for skill development essential for competing in tournaments at different levels.

As a former all India ranked lawn tennis player, Ishraque Gulrays has actively played at National and International levels, and believed that participating in a sport can inculcate better habits and transform a person's behaviour for good. At the same time, he also understood the lack of time and space in people's lives as they played sports digitally and not physically. Ishraque wanted to connect people back to playing actual sports outside the virtual world. This idea swayed to lay the foundation for Sportnicians. Sportnicians - The Sport People are the technicians for sports as `Leander Paes' once told Ishraque during one of their meetings.
Passion being at the core of its business, Sportnicians wants people to engage in sports with a new experience. The company offers to provide relevant skills and techniques required to excel at various sports events by creating an engaging experience like never before. In its corporate journey, Sportnicians has served both, B2B and B2C businesses, making it easy to understand the customers and treat them. The company ensures the practice of `Never Say No' thus arriving at a consensus with the clients. Sportnicians believes in serving all kinds of audience by ensuring that the benefits are delivered to everyone by engaging them with the sport, right from the grassroots level. The company engages in all kind of sports rather than focusing only on something that earns commercial benefits. "We truly understand the need to be creative and also believe that with every problem comes a solution. Our employees always step into customers' shoes to understand their needs and requirements", explains Ishraque J. Gulrays, Founder, Sportnicians. Though the company holds its people accountable like every other organization, it also gives them the flexibility of doing a certain task in their own way and also appreciates creative thinking.

Passion being at the core of its business, Sportnicians wants people to engage in sports with a new experience!

Sportnicians is a proud event management partner for the second season of Tennis Premier League (TPL). Setting standards alike the Indian Premiere League and Pro Kabaddi League, TPL required to meet global standards of structure and organization after the precedented massive success of its first season. Sportnicians played a very crucial role in the league's success in the second season.

Sportnicians is steadily growing PAN India, serving the clients with their sports needs and demands. By planning according to the budget of the client, the company offers a win-win situation for everyone involved. Institutions like schools, corporate sectors, and government have acknowledged the importance of sports in the country. Ishraque is determined to take his venture forward to be able to play an important role in promoting sports through coaching, infrastructure, tournaments, events, consultancy, merchandize, and facility management.

"Sportnicians will work with the clients in order to pull successful sporting activities. We are just a call away and believe in fulfilling our commitments in a timely manner, whereby, we pledge to help you experience sports like never before”, concludes Ishraque.