SQuare Consulting: Squaring Aces in Consulting Paradigm via Tailor-Made Solutions & Innovation

Rohan A. Bhatt,Founder & CEO

Rohan A. Bhatt

Founder & CEO

The notion of 'Consulting' and ‘Consulting Firms’ is not topical to the businesses of today; the Greeks had their oracles, and even Akbar had Birbal. While the trends in business kept on altering with time, the salience of consulting remained constitutive, thereby leading to its institutional framework penetrating in the modern corporate biz. As per the reports of the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCAM), the consulting industry in India is growing at a CAGR of 30 percent with 6000+ consultancy firms in metropolitan cities. In spite of the burgeoning progress, the overall industry is still subjected to major loopholes which create an infertile gap in the consulting industry. There is too much of bookish, theoretical practices that are rampant in the industry with jargons and terminology rather than gut feeling and business acumen. Bridging this gap by taking each of its clients' vision and passion for their businesses, SQuare Consulting (est. 2006) translates them into a business with cogent systems, standards & operations through its in-depth analysis and guidance alongside innovation with respect to the real-world implications.

The Consulting Methodology
The most common concern or dilemma for most industries is insufficient experience and that is what SQuare Consulting is built of as an organization and holds its power in. This Surat-based consulting firm takes the general idea & vision of the clients and converts it into a living, breathing business model by transforming into a framework that not only makes money but also creates an everlasting value. The company keenly incorporates innovation and precision in their projects in terms of quality, consistency and uniqueness of the products, with high level of emphasis on uniqueness in conceptualization & customization to the core DNA of all the projects. Initial ideas and discussions are done with the client to maximize the inputs from them and bespoke solutions are given based on their personality mix as well as the market dynamics which
makes the step-by-step advisory process in the best possible manner.

Unlike its contemporaries in the industry, SQuare develops concepts in the most innovative and practical way which helps the brands created pose a distinctive factor to them without compromising on the bottom-line and revenue model of the projects.

SQuare develops concepts in the most innovative and practical way which helps the brands created pose a distinctive factor to them without compromising on the bottom-line and revenue model of the projects

Engaging its work plan to cover various markets by abiding to its ‘one project at a time’ policy through Retail Consulting & Branding, Franchise Consulting & Hospitality Consulting, the enterprise operates PAN India implementing basic strategy by analyzing and comprehending the market prior to devising the game plan.

While most brand consulting companies don’t include the general brand consulting and designing services, SQuare focuses on Brand Management on a strategic and operational level. “We try to create business management strategies and operations structuring in such a way that the brand truly becomes a practical embodiment of the clients’ perception,” asserts Yash Bhatt, COO, SQuare Consulting. The company also highlights the empowerment of the Franchise system in order to elevate the industry from the dull space through operational expertise, guidance/support and strategic practices, enabling them to do good things in the best way. Hospitality Consulting being its major vertical, the company develops concepts in the most innovative and practical way to enable brands have a distinctive factor to them without compromising on the bottom line, while enabling them to be self-sufficient and practical with justification of the investments concurring to the revenue earning potential as per market dynamics.

Squaring Performance
As a consulting company, SQuare makes sure that all its projects are connected to their owners via their smart phones utilizing the most cost-effective tools available, while regular
reports and sheets are closely monitored to analyze and optimize operations. The company teams up with technology partners for developing better and more effective solutions for the restaurant operations, billing and monitoring by incorporating cloud based file sharing & video conferencing to the maximum in order to minimize the operational time taken in execution of orders and requirements.

In addition to its own panel of chefs and associates working from around the world, SQuare is strongly associated with corporate suppliers for materials and products for its requisites in the projects that it undertakes. It further takes regular product samples from different companies and suppliers to analyze and design menus around inventory that is easily and freely available in different markets. The team also works in close coordination with food bloggers, writers and critics to look for new & better avenues for innovation & research on the food scene in general as well as with regard to specific markets.

The Road Ahead
Covering all the aspects of the consulting and monitoring services blended into one software package, the company is simmering its own Restaurant Operations and Billing Software for its clientele. Further, it intends to offer in-house brand designing and development services soon by merging the core consulting business along with its IT & ITES consulting section. Exhibiting an average growth of 20-25 percent year-on-year for the last few years, SQuare is all set to make big strides in the industry in the coming years. Be ready!

Key Management
Rohan A. Bhatt, Founder & CEO
As a Gold Medallist Alumnus, and with profound background in Food & Beverage Unit Expansions & Operations through his diverse experience in different types of business models, Rohan mentors the team at SQuare to deliver the best of the services to its clientele.

Yash A. Bhatt, Co-Founder & COO
As the operation wizard of the team, Yash is the key person working behind the corporate relations and public relations while heading the training division.

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  • Hospitality Consulting

  • Office: Surat, Gujarat