SSIPL Lifestyle: A Hub Of Premiere Sportswear And Lifestyle Brands In India

Dharmender Khanna,FounderWhen it comes to choosing Sports apparels and footwear, the typical Indian consumer looks out for comfort and pocket-friendly prices along with the convenience of buying from the nearest retail outlet or at the comfort of their homes. Established in 1994, SSIPL Lifestyle is one of India's first authorized distributors and manufacturer of international footwear and apparel brands.

The company has molded strategic partnerships with key international sportswear brands in the Indian market, having a nationwide presence spread across 90 plus cities. For the past two decades, SSIPL has served as a strategic partner for Nike and operates around two-thirds of the retail prints of the brand in India. Besides Nike, SSIPL handles the entire retail and footprint of popular Italian sports brand Lotto Sports across the country.

Recently, SSIPL has come up with a unique concept called Sports Station - a one-stop multi-brand sports outlet that sells premiere sports gear from Nike, Puma, Lotto Sports, Adidas, and Reebok. As of now, SSIPL has around 80 outlets of Sports Station spread across the nation that sells premium sports products to Indian consumers.

Front runners of Digital Transformation in Retail & E-commerce
At the moment, E-commerce contributes more than 10 percent of online retail. The opportunities in the E-commerce space in India are vast, especially after the Covid Pandemic, there has been a monumental shift in consumer behavior, preferring to buy online. Due to its considerable foothold in the
Indian retail space, SSIPL has been an early adopter of digital transformation measures in the segment.

All of the company's retail outlets are digitally connected, giving the consumers a choice to buy the desired products sitting at the comfort of their homes. The company has also moved beyond the traditional SMS and e-mail as a CRM solution to notify its customers. Instead, a highly advanced AI-based CRM solution is deployed, which can communicate with the customers about the offers in a very personalized manner through the social media channels of their preference.

On the technology front, SSIPL has a state-of-the-art eco-friendly manufacturing unit entirely powered by solar energy. It's a high-energy-saving manufacturing facility that is completely carbon neutral, and even the entire wastewater is recycled and reused. The manufacturing facility is complaint to serve all global sports brands right from Bata, Puma, HRX to licensee brand Lotto Sports.

SSIPL'S cutting-edge manufacturing facility uses very sophisticated compounds, which makes the products last long and give comfort at the same time

Products that suit the Indian Weather Conditions & Preferences
SSIPL's cutting-edge manufacturing facility uses very sophisticated compounds, which makes the products last long and give comfort at the same time. All the product lines from SSIPL's premier licensee partner Lotto Sports offer advanced features such as Dry Fit and Air Breeze.

The Air Breeze feature gives a cushioning in the insole of a shoe while keeping it comfortable in India's hot and humid weather conditions. It provides the users a cool breeze and also a soft cushioning cover. It caters to all age groups and all types of users, be it a young sportsman who uses the shoes for running and jogging purposes or a middle-aged or an old-aged man looking for something comfortable to wear.

When it comes to apparel, there is a high focus on manufacturing Dry Fit 100 percent Cotton wears that focuses on vibrant colors of each season. Most of the designs manufactured at SSIPL are inspired by Italy, such as incorporating camouflage in its range of apparel, bags, and caps, specifically adapted for the Indian consumers.

For the future road map ahead, SSIPL has plans to further expand its retail footprint across Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities in India. With a set schedule to open 200 stores of Lotto Sports across Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities, the ultimate mission of SSIPL is to give the general Indian consumers a pocket-friendly sportswear option at their convenient locations.