Startup Spine: The Backbone of Every Startup Business

Niteen Khemka,Co-Founder & CEO
Niteen Khemka, Co-Founder & CEO

Most entrepreneurs think they’re building the next generation things. But in reality, nearly 90 percent of new startups fail, 50 percent during the first five years and 66 percent during the first 10 whereas only 25 percent make it to 15 years or more (as per Small Business Association). This is crucial, because majority of newborn entrepreneurs flop as they don’t solve the market need, lack thoughtful & proper planning for funding, marketing strategy and ability to adapt that plan. They also often suffer from incompetence, lack of managerial experience & experience in line of goods/services, personal problems, and catchall (neglect, fraud and disaster). However, many startups get benefit from mentorships and incubator programs, but not all entrepreneurs are as lucky to have a mentor or program addressing aforementioned challenges. For those that don’t, Startup Spine is the perfect answer. The company bestows one-stop solution for the startups, helping them as early as from company registration (Make in India & Startup India) to acquiring fund, thereby making them unicorns.

Helping Startups to Reach the Pinnacle of Success
Emerged as a trustworthy brand in consulting field, Startup Spine endeavors to boost startups and small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) by taking away the burden of legal, accounting, taxation and other related chores of their business. “Most customers lack knowledge of the process in the entrepreneurship and start their venture with misguided
information. In this condition, they come to us to recover from their situation and enhance their business. We even facilitate meet-ups interaction with senior leaders and mentors to support the startup to think beyond traditional business,” avers Niteen Khemka, Co-Founder & CEO, Startup Spine.

"Startup Spine is laid on the founding objective to render end-to-end consulting services to every startup & SME at competitive price and boost their business to the next level"

The brain child of Niteen, an engineering graduate from university of Pune who was quite early to trigger his entrepreneurial passion, Startup Spine is laid on the founding objective to render end-to-end consulting services to every startup & SME at competitive price and boost their business to the next level. The company also helps in mentoring on incubation and new initiatives (crafted by GoI/private organization), while raising efficiency and reducing the total turnaround time for project deliver. Indeed, Startup Spine nurtures the idea to form an enterprise and make them grow with full potential without any boundary.

Highly Dedicated Workforce
Led by a team of highly experienced professionals (CAs, CS, Investment Analysts, lawyers, digital media experts, and product marketing & technology analysts) with multi-domain experience in top consultancy firms and customer’s areas of business, Startup Spine has a deep understanding of consulting services & solutions. They have successfully leveraged their domain expertise in devising customized solutions and have assisted their customers in designing highest quality business strategies that drive their trading results every minute. This expertise is across multiple segments, with a well-rounded understanding of incorporation, IEC, GST, ITR, bookkeeping, accounting, ROC compliances, eshop, patent & trademark, co-founder agreement, B-plan
preparation, business valuation, NSE & BSE listing, startup acquisition & merger, and virtual CFO services. The unique blend of skill and services enable Startup Spine to tender complete, all-round support and assistance to startups across domains.

A knowledge powerhouse, Startup Spine believes in keeping pace with the latest technology advancements. The company encourages employees to attend entrepreneur summit & meets-up and read blogs, articles, and newsletter on regular basis to stay updated with major offerings of startup ecosystem. The aforementioned features enabled the company to associate with clients like Soreva Energy, Senopia Technologies, Bright Tomorrow, NNB, JKS Soft Tech and others.

Future Roadmap
Since its inception in 2016, Startup Spine is increasing at a growth rate of 2x month-on-month. Throwing light on this, Niteen states, “Our customer base is increasing exponentially and we are growing through customer satisfaction and word-of-mouth publicity. We strive to present in every corner of country, extend our network to neighboring countries and become a backbone of every business”.

Key Management
Niteen Khemka, Co-Founder & CEO
This highly motivated & innovative startup enthusiast has more than six years of experience in sectors like marketing, consulting, investment banking, IT. Prior to Startup Spine, Niteen has worked in various prestigious firms under different roles and even co-founded eSapiens Technologies in 2013.

Offices: New Delhi (HQ) and Noida
Services: Start a Business, Business Compliance, Bookkeeping, International Taxation, Startup Merger & Acquisition, Registrations, Investment Banking Services, and Funding