Steer HRD Solutions: Illuminating Transformative Paths in Organizational Development

 Ridhima Parab,  Founder & Principal Consultant

Ridhima Parab

Founder & Principal Consultant

In the ever-evolving landscape of organizational development consulting in India, the post COVID era has triggered significant shifts. While customary organizational focuses encompass Marketing, Operations, Finance, and systems, it is imperative to acknowledge that optimal results remain elusive without a comprehensive ‘people strategy’ and ‘effective personnel management’. People stand as the definitive differentiator for any organization, and within the context of SMEs, where the perpetual challenges of attracting and retaining talent persist Organizational Development Consulting emerges as a transformative force. This strategic approach is not merely valuable; it is indispensable for SMEs aspiring to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Taking the lead in championing this transformation is STEER HRD SOLUTIONS, a prominent organization development consulting firm, empowering SMEs with meticulously crafted people management strategies. In the genesis of STEER HRD SOLUTIONS, Founder, Ridhima Parab, armed with dual master's degrees in chemistry and HR, identified a crucial need early in her career. Following her initial corporate experience in setting up HR department, Ridhima transitioned into a consultancy, specializing in transformative HR projects from 2010-2014. Her passion for reshaping organizational dynamics led to the streamlined model of STEER HRD SOLUTIONS, officially established in 2015, offering bespoke solutions for SMEs and catalyzing business transformation.

STEER HRD SOLUTIONS thrives on a niche focus, streamlining processes, and providing hands-on expertise in transforming HR and
OD systems for sustainable business growth. With a focus on companies with fewer than 100 employees, STEER addresses various challenges, including hiring, retention, performance discipline, and succession planning. The company's multifaceted approach encompasses four key areas: defining HR policies and processes, structuring organizations for scalability, addressing cultural and communication aspects, and implementing performance management systems.

“Our objective is to cultivate highly motivated teams. As businesses expand, owners must excel not only in operations but also in people management. We empower them to lead effectively and foster growth”, adds Ridhima Parab, Founder and Principal Consultant.

Within the framework of the STEER model (Select, Train, Engage, Evaluate, Reward), STEER HRD SOLUTIONS meticulously tailors organizational development strategies for each client. Operating primarily online, the company engages with various organizational levels, offering strategy sessions for business owners, operational guidance for HR personnel, customized training for business heads, and counseling for junior staff. Their mode of operation revolves around online meetings, occasionally complemented by on-site visits. It personalizes formats for HR policies, performance management, engagement, and more. What sets STEER HRD SOLUTIONS apart is a profound understanding of the nuanced challenges faced by small organizations and a distinctive approach that extends beyond advisory, focusing on handson execution, monthly reviews, and personalized feedback. It effectively bridges the gap between corporate strategies and the unique needs of small-scale organizations, ensuring tangible business transformation.

“My core beliefs center on discipline, consistently pursuing goals with passion, and harmonizing with results. Whether personally or professionally, I immerse myself in tasks I love, maintain discipline for consistency, and embrace the evolving outcomes with a sense of harmony and rejoicing”, emphasizes Ridhima Parab.

The growth trajectory of STEER HRD SOLUTIONS has been remarkable, expanding from Mumbai centric projects to a pan-India presence, including international projects in Dubai and Bangladesh. The operational model has evolved, embracing diverse locations. Marketing strategies shifted from word of mouth to an educational approach through blogs, webinars, and social media content, transforming the agency from a recommended to a pull-strategy enterprise. Looking ahead, the company's focus remains on organizational development and people strategy, with plans to extend educational outreach through books and podcasts.

The vision is to establish STEER as a renowned brand in organizational development, emphasizing knowledge dissemination through books, webinars, and podcasts. Milestones, including projects, webinars, and knowledge dissemination, continue to be achieved, reinforcing the commitment to organic growth.