Strarcon Design Consultants: Redefining Boundaries with Distinctive Innovations in Structural Engineering

Vishruth Jain ,Founder & Director

Vishruth Jain

Founder & Director

The structural engineering consultant industry in India is anticipated to experience a significant growth trajectory, with a projected CAGR of 10.25 percent from 2023 to 2028. Fueled by the escalating demand for infrastructure development, rapid urbanization and the adoption of new technologies, these professionals play a pivotal role in the construction sector.

Going beyond conventional design, structural engineering consultants contribute to the creation of resilient and innovative structures that define modern skylines. As India's structural engineering consultant industry anticipates significant growth, Strarcon Design Consultants emerges as a leading name, meeting the escalating demands for resilient and innovative structures.

Located in Bangalore, Strarcon Design Consultants uniquely positions itself at the forefront of transformative urban expansion, fostering collaborations to shape a built environment that seamlessly integrates technological advancements and sustainable practices. Established in December 2016 beneath the LLP Act 2008, the firm stands as a tightly integrated business enterprise, boasting a specialized practical middle group. The firm’s expertise spans complete interdisciplinary consultancy offerings, encompassing all sides of Structural Engineering, Buildings, and Infrastructure sectors.

“From meticulous planning and feasibility research to distinctive evaluation, design, investigations, production, and monitoring, we are completely prepared to navigate and excel in each degree of the consultancy technique”, says Vishruth Jain, Founder & Director.
This amalgamation of skills positions Strarcon Design Consultants as a versatile and adept consultancy firm, devoted to turning in excellence throughout a spectrum of engineering disciplines.

Strarcon Design Consultants distinguishes itself through key pillars, encapsulating a completely unique blend of monetary designs and the capacity to obtain expansive structural feats, even in residential areas. The firm’s career portfolio, spanning structural and architectural designs, production offerings, preservation/enlargement, indoor layout, and venture development, displays its dedication to excellence in every facet of the development enterprise. The company’s layout information helps the employees to create within their budget designs without compromising on pleasant.

From realizing large cantilevers in residential settings without the want for additional beams to problematic detailing with the drawings, Strarcon Design Consultants makes sure that the clarity and simplicity of comprehension for contractors, facilitate seamless task execution. Within Strarcon Design Consultants, each employee is seen as a circle of relatives, fostering surroundings free of restrictions where collaboration flourishes.

Strarcon Design Consultants, operated in a modest 200-square-foot space, has swiftly evolved into a dynamic entity that now operates in a 1500-square-foot hi-tech office space, commenced with just one employee, the firm now proudly boasts a workforce exceeding 25 dedicated professionals. “What sets us apart is our trajectory from being solely a design-focused entity to em¬bracing construction and development. As we diversify into multiple sectors within the construction industry, the vision is to establish ourselves as a group of companies.

Our openness to diverse projects has been pivotal in our rapid growth, progressing from a handful of projects in the initial years to surpassing 280 successfully completed projects”, shares Vishruth Jain. Currently managing an impressive portfolio of 20 to 30 projects monthly, Strarcon Design Consultants stands at the forefront of the industry's growth stage.

Strarcon Design Consultants future trajectory is described by using the sturdy foundation laid through the firm’s devoted human resources, the backbone of its business enterprise. “With a multi-disciplinary venture team of 25 specialists, such as specialists from prestigious establishments in India and overseas, we are poised to tackle the demanding situations of the 22nd century with unheard-of efficacy”, adds Vishruth Jain.

Under the steering of a dynamic control group, Strarcon Design Consultants is venturing into a new segment of development in Bangalore, where the firm is actively involved in a joint mission for an 1800-rectangular-foot condominium assignment. The initiation of the task range is already on the horizon, with ongoing discussions with industry leaders like Brookfield Homes.