Strategizer Franchise Consulting Services: An Entrepreneur's Aid for Business Expansion

Ayyappan Rajendran,Founder & CEO
Ayyappan Rajendran,Founder& CEO

Franchising as a concept has changed the business scenario in India at multiple levels. Growing exponentially at a rate of 30 percent annually, the lucrative field holds the potential to reach a value of $20 billion by 2020. Although the perks of franchising are many, the road that leads to building a franchise business is long and riddled with complex procedures. Rendering complete services to entrepreneurs who wish to buy a franchise or business owners who want to expand their businesses through franchising is Strategizer Franchise Consulting Services. The Chennai-based franchise consulting firm helps brand owners by letting them concentrate on their core business objectives and still achieve their franchise network vision.

Having built expertise in services such as franchise consulting and franchise recruitment Strategizer aids clients with franchise resale, marketing, property, legal,training, trade mark services and business brokerage services. Founded in 2014, the firm has today has become one of the most preferred outsourced franchise consulting firms for various brands.

Superlative Consulting Advice
“Companies are often good at their core business, but are
"Startegizer believes in rendering personalized solutions including customized franchisee proposals and consulting"

unaware about the nitty-gritties of getting into franchising,”says Ayyappan Rajendran, Founder & CEO, Strategizer. Having developed expertise in franchise consulting, the company works with brands irrespective of their size and helps them penetrate into new markets. With services divided over two phases,in the first phase, Strategizer helps clients through bespoke franchise consulting services. Starting the procedure with deep evaluation, the company takes into account the structure of franchise, number of units and growth strategy among other factors. Moving on to financial analysis, finding suitable locations for the franchise, Startegizer simultaneously prepares the operations and procedures manual.

While phase one deals with strategizing, the second phase helps clients put the strategies into action. Startegizer takes care of factors such as franchise recruitment procedure & documentation, induction training & support programme, franchise agreement and franchise operations manual among others. The firm also specializes in developing franchise marketing plan and marketing materials.

Dedicated & Personalized Services
Unlike larger franchise consulting firms, Startegizer believes in rendering personalized solutions including customized franchisee proposals and consulting. The firm provides individual attention to brands and goes the extra mile by limiting the number of clients in a calendar year. In order to avoid
any conflict of interest, Startegizer works with only one brand from each industry sector. It is also one of the few firms in India to focus on a complete franchise recruitment process. Avoiding the brokerage system, Strategizer helps businesses traverse through the entire process of business expansion through franchisees right from lead generation to drawing the final contract.

With a body of work spanning over 19 years, at the helm of affairs at Strategizer is Ayyappan. The proactive business maverick approached various brands and signed Madras Coffee House as its first client and thus succeeded in letting out 40 franchises for the brand. Gradually building a name in the industry, the firm today receives clients based on positive word of mouth.

Ayyapan now envisions taking his company international,and opened a new franchise consulting company in UAEand signed seven F&B brands for consulting & marketing. It also recently associated with a Bahrain-based organization that conducts franchise exhibition events with an aim to take Indian brands to Bahrain and UAE. The firm has also received interest from various international clients who are looking to penetrate into the lucrative Indian market. Additionally,Startegizer intends to build offices across Bangalore and Hyderabad. A motivated thought leader, Aiyyapan wants to foray into franchise training aimed at brand owners,sales executives,franchise managers,recruitment process and operational management.