Studio J: Connecting Retail Design, Brand & the Business of IT

Jenny Andrews,Founder & Chief Creative Lead

Jenny Andrews, Founder & Chief Creative Lead

It’s a good time to be a consumer. With innumerable options to pick from, it has become increasingly difficult for brands to convert a potential buyer into an actual sale. As a consequence, immersive retail design that perfectly communicates a brand’s vision and identity to consumers has become indispensible. Creating memorable, meaningful and effective customer experiences through exquisite design concepts is Studio J, a Bangalore-based interior design firm that specializes in Retail Design, Experiential Design, Visual Merchandising, and Hospitality & Corporate office interiors. The brainchild of Jenny Andrews, Founder & Chief Creative Lead, a passionate experiential designer with over 17 years of Design thinking, Retail design, and Visual Merchandising experience, Studio J has created seamless brand, product and retail experiences for names such as Lee, Kurl-on, Tanishq, Enamor, Square-Café Coffee Day, Puma, Harshas, Himalaya, Enamor, Voylla and Malabar Gold, among others.

Pioneering Strategies to Boost Customer Engagement
Adept at keenly identifying the nerve of every project, Studio J
initiates the process through problem space exploration, then moves-on to solution space exploration post which it executes the project seamlessly. The team takes into account various factors such as target audience, market sector, market tier to be targeted, long term goals, short term goals, how communication takes place and desired visual appeal among others. Building on this blueprint, the firm then takes stock of potential challenges a brand might encounter in terms of space allocation, merchandise mix, competition and the dynamics of managing a certain business.

"Studio J has executed various unique projects that have earned the nod of approval from clients and their consumers a like"

Having adopted the solution based approach, design thinking, Studio J has created expertise in integrating retail design for brands and helping organizations scale-up. “Adept in Sales and Marketing strategy integration enables us to better understand target audience, challenges, market dynamics and the economy. Design thinking plays an important role to build further a Design Strategy that implements the Sales and Marketing goals for the brand,” explains Jenny.

Leveraging these strategies, Studio J has executed various unique projects that have earned the nod of approval from clients and their consumers alike. One such instance is the firm’s one-of-a-kind approach to creating a kid’s superstore brand in India. Having understood the target audience’s pulse, Studio J executed innovative ideas such as incorporating social media into the design, creating
Instagram based visuals in the store and also involving the community to participate through showcasing their own design prowess.

Learning at Every Opportunity
Founded in 2012, Studio J has worked with a large range of brands varying in size and reach. However, Jenny believes that each project has empowered her with different understanding and learning. “I believe that the design sensibilities of a business don’t often depend on where you’re coming from, but it speaks volumes about where the brand wants to go,” explains Jenny. The design enthusiast also believes that the design industry as a whole would benefit from being collaborative. With a keen interest in giving back to the industry, Studio J collaborates with upcoming artists, artisans and designers for various projects.

Armed with a dynamic and young team consisting of spatial designers, industrial designers, architects and visual merchandisers, Studio J lays emphasis on staying on top of industry trends. In the upcoming year, the firm intends to conduct informative workshops, create interactions with external markets and take designers for factory visits & market study to enable them to understand new trends closely. The innovative company is also working on IP design project ideation, through which it is trying to bring-in new design opportunities to India. Leveraging its strong design sensibilities and execution capabilities, Studio J is striving to not become the largest design firm but the best design firm.