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Sandeep Mudalkar,Founder & CEO

Sandeep Mudalkar

Founder & CEO

Besides the fact that Internet, the sophisticated creation of mankind, has eased the lives of people through diversified means, it has also evolved into a space posed with proliferating menaces that are incomprehensible even to cyber professionals. The most chaotic cyber-incidents like Shadow Brokers, WannaCry, & Cloudbleed in the recent times has triggered the cyber crime organizations to ardently work on eliminating these atrocities. As the cyber crime’s jargon is getting updated each day with novel crimes and internet hacks, each organization in this realm must transform its strategy accordingly in order to resolve the crime with proficiency. Catering to this dire need by comprehending the criticality of perilous cyber-incidents, Sytech Labs extends its training centre & consultancy to a wide range of government officials from crime department, CID, CBI, IB, Defence and many more on not just modifying their investigation strategy as per the cyber crime case, but also on spreading awareness about the security parameters evolving with technological changes. Sytech’s team of advocates/consultants adept in Cyber Law also proactively render solutions to Cyber Law issues, support to cyber crime victims and perform cyber crime investigations.

As the hackers’ stark focus these days is to gain access over the web-based applications like shopping carts, forms and login pages that hold chunks of sensitive data, the systems must have seamless vigilance. To prevent the occurrence of critical data leakages and perilous hacks, Sytech has executed many corporate projects on Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing (VAPT) for Application, Web, Network and Wireless Devices that involves active & passive analysis of computer systems for potential vulnerabilities and also bug checks for websites. When websites are found vulnerable to hackers, it ensures that the website administrators are reported on the situation on contract basis. However, all this
endeavours would go down the drain if a corporate’s employees failed to comprehend their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding their company’s database and resources. Hence, Sytech assures to provide rigorous training to them on promoting security and identifying potential risks like database leakages, system & email hacks and a lot more. Moreover, Sytech also extends its services for software development, SEO, web design & development, systems integration and outsourcing.

Sytech assures to provide rigorous training to them on promoting security and identifying potential risks like database leakages, system & email hacks and a lot more

Edifying Training, Workshops & Seminars
With diverse studies revealing the demand for cyber security professionals reaching an all time high(10-15 percent increase in demand according to Kelly Services India), Sytech Labs has indulged in conducting various workshops and seminars to spread awareness about the burgeoning job scope in this domain and fostering the interests of ambitious people. Having delivered lectures at 150+ schools, Inter, Degree and 120+ engineering colleges, Sandeep Mudalkar (Founder & CEO) has ensured to spread his knowledge on numerous topics like cyber crimes, ethical hacking, malware analysis, network security & penetration testing, and Android application & Development. He also managed to conduct two weeks of training for Indian Army and official police training, enlightening the officers on cyber crimes & investigation procedures in various districts of India. Besides, students inquisitive to pursue their careers in the VAPT space are endowed with a plethora of courses on ethical hacking, forensics, IT security, network security & pen test, cyber law and cyber sense from Sytech’s certification training center and also job assistance for competent students.

Mastermind of Sytech Labs
Multitasking on investigating a plethora of critical cyber crime cases right from the smaller cases of fake social network profiles to bigger phishing and pharming attacks, Sandeep has carved out his niche to establish
Sytech Labs in 2014 under the motivation of his father M.K. Vishwanatham, Rted. Officer and prior experience of working as a consultant to Telangana, A.P State Police & his friend’s cyber security startup.

Despite the robust establishment, Sytech faced various issues in forming its team due to the dearth of cyber security experts in India and gradually procured a swarm of skilled oracles. No wonder that the Cyber Crime Forensic Expert, Investigator & Consultant at Hyderabad Cyber Cell is a Diploma holder in MCITP & CCNP, Red Hat Linux & CISCO Pix Firewall and renowned as Redhat Certified Security Specialist and Certified Information Systems Security Professional. Recognizing his commendable work, Sandeep was also bestowed with a certificate from DIG Police, Ghandi Nagar and numerous tokens of appreciation from many officers of Cyber Crime Police Station.

Headquartered at Hyderabad and pre-eminent for its tailor-made training services, Sytech Labs owns a prestigious client base which includes Neemiit, Info Systems, IBM, Microsoft, Jabong, IndiGo, Kalamandir, Attic Infomatics and many more. Sytech is currently focused on enhancing its tie-ups with various Governments across India and also on executing m-Commerce &e-Commerce projects to meet its ardent goal of becoming one of the best cyber security experts in India.

Key Management
Sandeep Mudalkar, Founder & CEO
With profound knowledge in Cyber Crime Investigation, Cyber Security, Internet Frauds and Cyber Law Consulting, Sandeep is renowned as one of the youngest Information Security and Cyber Crime Consultants in India for his unparalleled assistance in solving cyber crime cases and spreading awareness.

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