Taxsavo: Delivering Consultancy Services throughout Business Lifecycle with Cost Convenience, Long-Term Benefits & Real-Time Assistance

Rahul Kr Agarwal & Krishna Jain,Co-Founders
Rahul Kr Agarwal

Being a consultant for startups is not just about guiding them at the first stage of setting-up a business, but all throughout their lifecycle. Very few consultancies perceive this as a responsibility and stand as the backbone of startups at every stage of their business. Thanks to Taxsavo, the most reliable partner of emerging startups that helps companies right from incorporating their business, providing them legal & statutory compliances to developing softwares for them, throughout their business lifecycle with cost convenience and long-term benefits. Infact,Taxsavo has designed and implemented Systemised Operated Procedures(SOP)for startups to run their business.

With a deep-rooted motto of helping people in easily starting and growing their businesses, Rahul Agarwal and Krishna Jain(Co-Founders)established Taxsavo, an online business services platform. Taxsavo also takes regular follow-ups from clients in order to analyze the Substance of their business and enrols them into mentorship programs which can connect them to dedicated experts(like virtual CFOs) in case of problems or
downfalls, update them strategically on the unfolding industry trends & opportunities & changes in regulatory compliances, and also propel their businesses towards the path of prosperity. “Our core strength lies in the way we deal with our startup clients, especially in providing them real-time assistance wherein all their issues are ensured to be sorted on a real-time basis, round the clock,” asserts Rahul.

"Our core strength lies in the way we deal with our startup clients, especially in providing them real-time assistance wherein all their issues are ensured to be sorted on a real-time"

The Brainstorming & What Follows Next
Once the client approaches regarding incorporation of their business, Taxsavo proceeds with its initial process of having an interaction(Zero Gravity) with the client at free of cost. Here, Taxsavo suggests the best suitable option like becoming a proprietorship or partnership or private limited company in the long-run to the client and also garners their every requirement right from funding, compliance and operations. “Beginning with suggestions on how to maintain proper Internal Controls to our clients, we tailor-make and deliver our services through email, WhatsApp, courier or even in person, if needed,” articulates Krishna.

In case of clients with no basic IT infrastructure,the firm suggests them to foray into businesses with less compliances, while mentoring them on how to stay compliant as
well as its huge costs,through training sessions and regular follow-ups. Taxsavo in fact promotes compliances from the benefits point of view rather than cost; for instance, its clients reckon GST as the chief factor that helped them in developing stronger internal controls and transcending from unorganized to organized sector with profits galore. On the whole, Taxsavo channelizes its excellence in diverse areas into handholding startups across incorporation, GST registration, GST returns/consultancy, ROC compliances, income tax returns/consultancy, Digital Signature Certificate project financing /CMA data, and business consultancy.

Krishna Jain,Co-Founders

Swift Growth
While staying informant on the transpiring industry trends through newspapers/magazines and attending business seminars, Taxsavo gains great insights primarily from its clients and other business professionals. No wonder, the firm is reaping exponential growth post the institution of GST and great benefits from Digital India besides surpassing its annual revenue target of Rs.60 lakhs in the initial six months itself.