Terabay: Helping Businesses thrive though Allied Mode Operation

Sunila Gupta, Founder

Sunila Gupta


In the process of geographical broadening of businesses, or while entering new product/service landscapes, stepping into unfamiliar quarters, and attaining & sustaining operational excellence can pose challenges even to the most accomplished of organizations. The three critical areas where a multitude of enterprises stumble is the fundamental pre-requisites for business success: increase of revenue, decrease of costs, and customer satisfaction. While these pre requisites are all lagging indicators the companies needs to focus on leading indicators i.e.,OE programs around best in class processes, systems & highly compliant processes.

Established in 2015, Terabay is a young Delhi-based procurement consultant endowed with a simple philosophy of business problem solving. It steps up from the role of an advisor to that of a close ally present through out the cycle of consulting, until the results are manifested. To enable clients to perceive the transformation that the allied operation has conferred on the business tangibly, the final implications of the adopted measures are quantified,making it a very distinctive offering of Terabay. Facilitating the conveyance of befitting solutions that warrant desired results, the company puts in extra work in the backstage before it assumes the role of a consultant, by studying the business quandary that the client faces in detail and evaluating its magnitude(through Gemba Study).

Terabay’s services display extra sharpness while catering to clients from Service and Manufacturing domains, thanks to Anup Gupta’s(Founder)past 17 years of experience and the wonderful team including Sunila Ahuja(Director–Process & Training consulting vertical) he has handpicked. Under its Broad Business Expansion portfolio that is fine-tuned to serve
the needs and operational challenges of carriers and global telecom operators, Terabay assists clients to build new business lines,widen the geographical spread of their services, or procure network assets profitably. Along side, the business Process consulting and training portfolio helps clients scrutinize present operations to enhance their efficiency,or build businesses further by incorporating new skills.Terabay also handles marketing and communication for its clients under its customer outreach services.

“Entering India is usually an easy decision for a lot of companies, but doing it is difficult,”says Anup while expounding the scope and reach of its ‘India with Ease’ service. As the Government initiatives of ‘Make in India’ and 'Digital India' have made the country a lucrative destination destination for telecom and IT companies, Terabay acts as an anchor to these organizations while they spread roots in the Indian soil.‘India with Ease’ service is offered through and through, from the inception of the venture (business feasibility studies) to the market strategy and execution (technical support & operations).

Having been an aggressive learner and innovator in the domain,Terabay is the enabler of technology trends in the procurement consultant space rather than a user

‘Terabay Your Process Consultant'loves to show and help organizations how to master their processes. We firmly believe and have also proved to our clients with our experience that if an organization starts focusing on Making processes faster, and
making them first time right they can decrease their cost, improve customer satisfaction and there by increase profits. We help organizations in Process documentation, Process mapping,Process certifications, Process Audits Training and Process improvement using Lean & Six Sigma.

Far - sighted Operation
Having been an aggressive learner and innovator in the domain, Terabay is the enabler of technology trends in the procurement consultant space rather than a user.The company utilizes analytics and big data to deliver meaningful insights and results to its clients. Serving diverse requirements with a customer-centric approach, Terabay’s services manifest superior flexibility and the quality of being tailored as per clients need.

With an open working environment, Terabay fosters learning for everybody as it persistently engages with customers and partners while tracking market trends and adapting industry reorientations. Terabay aims to keep up the thriving revenue figures that it has showcased by expanding its services to global markets, unwavering in the conviction to deliver promised results to its clients. The company has learnt to keep itself open to the customer’s need in order to effect changes, and has empowered companies to operate more efficiently by re-engineering and sealing interstices in their processes. “We don’t define our future, we let our customers do it as it is their objectives that we meet,” concludes Anup.

Anup Gupta, Founder
In the wake of putting in 15 years in the carrier industry, Anup incorporated Terabay to cater to the needs of an organization to support carriers in their business. With seasoned experience in building the worldwide business with carriers & other partners globally, he envisions to penetrate into new diversities of the market & enhance business in all the verticals.
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  • Headquarter: New Delhi