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Vinay Kumar,  Co-Founder & Director  & ,Vijay Boregowda, Co-Founder & Director

Vinay Kumar, Co-Founder & Director &

Vijay Boregowda, Co-Founder & Director

Your business will eternally necessitate various certifications to stay competitive, but you don’t have to fall victim to the common pitfalls. Those run-of-the-mill consultants perching in settings resembling solicitor offices often pitch certification process on a toss, which would fall with either ‘just-pass’, or just the heavy consumption of your money & time embedded with a luxury invoice and an intricate report that explains the effort they have taken to ‘benefit’ you nothing; though, alas, having the long term benefits and turning this certification into ROI come nowhere in the picture. If your organization endures akin hassles while bringing about a steady business process and getting certified, you should be acquainted with Top Certifier (a division of Veave Technologies) – a Bangalore based process management consulting & certification firm that delivered more than 3500 projects with cent percent success rate, and grew across four continents within seven years from inception.

Heavily leveraging on its innovative knowledge-plinth – the Library of documentation, Top Certifier pre-meditates the ISO & Product certification endeavors and induces an 80 percent push to the processes from day one, which helps accomplish the project faster than any other competitor. While most of the consultants charge for every extra second they spend on the project, the company charges only a pre-fixed amount even, if the schedule stretches, resulting 60 percent cost reduction for clients. Wonder how many companies proffer this amount of predictability in terms of cost & time! “We work with multifarious clients across a gamut of Industries in four continents. Built with years of dedication, our exhaustive & well-organized Library comprised of templates for all the documentation and necessary training materials has everything already prepared for all of them. We just go around tailor-making remaining part which probably takes only about 20 percent of the overall process,” proclaims Vinay Kumar, Co-Founder & Director, Veave Technologies.

Documentation is a Tool, Not the End Result

Top Certifier is the ISO & Product Certification division of Veave Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – an end-to-end turnkey project deliverer specialized in consulting services for process improvement and certification in ISO, CMMI, CE Mark and over 30 other prominent international standards. Completing seven years of success, Veave, and with that back-lift, Top Certifier has emerged as a multinational organization having a 150 people strong workforce and operations in over 20 countries predominantly focused on Middle-East, Gulf countries, U.S., APAC and Africa. “There are five or 5000 people strong consulting firms, and the heritage global players like Deloitte & KPMG. In between nobody exists in India as well as the markets we work in. We have perfectly launched into this crater,” asserts Vijay Boregowda, Co-Founder & Director, Veave Technologies. The young gentlemen, Vinay and Vijay got down to business humbly as a proprietorship company in 2008. The astute duo perceived a niche space within the wide management consulting market – Process Improvement Consulting, and registered Veave in Bangalore within a couple of years. In
shut-eye time, the company commenced its full-fledged operations across a gamut of industries ranging from Oil & Gas to Food, Education, IT, Manufacturing and Mining.

Top Certifier’s engagement with client starts with a detailed video proposal to them, which narrates the matchless benefits they are going to savor

Top Certifier’s engagement with client starts with a detailed video proposal to them, which narrates the matchless benefits they are going to savor. “The documentation process differs entirely in terms of employee strength, industry and region. Thus, we rely only on sufficient and relevant documentation, which will actually impact the organization in a positive way,” adds Vinay. Comprehending this dividing line, the company delves deep into client’s business, recognizes where exactly they need help, and then does the documentation strictly based on the visitors, workforce, and type of the industry. For instance, a manufacturing organization probably consists of semi-skilled workforce, so Top Certifier’s documentation is mostly based on a few pictures elucidating how to operate a machine securely. Whereas, in technically involved organizations, the documentation takes the route of Flow Chart or Text, and if the organization handles critical information, it would be probably a short video narrating the dos & don'ts in the work area.

Satisfaction is the Result Entailed

The antiquated organizational concepts of size & revenue proportion have gone for good. Now we have virtually massive online firms having million dollar businesses, but with just four or five people behind the curtain. Top Certifier manifests its extremely premium & highly customized Business Excellence Framework for such anomalies, where it carves tailor-made standards for them by handpicking different certifications from ISO, CMMI, ITIL and others. And this personalized approach has worked big-time for the company to stretch long strides over its competitors.

On the other hand, it also engages in long term revamps. One of such projects was with a Riyadh-based customer who entailed well beyond just getting their ISO 9001 certification done. They came up with lucid objectives in terms of tangible numbers – to reduce supporting staff expense to 15 percent (30 percent previously), slash down attrition by 20 percent and reduce raw material wastage by five percent. “As the requirements needed at least two years to achieve, we just made sure only one thing – end-to-end support from them,” adds Vinay. Top Certifier primarily created a step-by-step project plan, followed by a cost & resource plan, and then started implementing those with tremendous coordination and support from the client. Every goal was met well within a couple of years, and through the Metrics System it had created earlier, everyone could monitor each & every achievement, and in turn a bunch of clients were on-boarded additionally through referrals. “We don’t have any sales team in our organization, but 3500 marketing portals – our customers!” adjoins Vijay. However, these kind of exceptional projects are uploaded to its Library for consultants to check scope of the new template in their next project. Besides this matchless online library accessible to its consultants, clutching the technology background of Vijay, Top Certifier embeds its consulting services with technology tools based assistances like vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.
Abreast of all other standards, there has been a rush on ISO 9001 Certification ever since the standard was defined. Keeping the entire process hassle-free, Top Certifier helps you complete the certification in just 7-30 days based on your company’s size. In order to facilitate a smooth processing from prologue to epilogue, the company starts with identifying the bottlenecks in the client organization. “Another prodigious facet has been the lack of coordination from the department heads. So we first enlighten them how this revamp is going to make their life easier, and then on-boarding them,” adjoins Vijay. Post curating the surface, the company scrutinizes the entire in-house process of the client and then circles the areas where they can improve their turnaround time & time to market, and reduce wastage. Succeeding this, it puts forward an index enclosed with 20-30 action plans containing a dollar value against each action. Clients thus start picking up the convenient ones from the list and Top Certifier implements it right away. “Our mantras are customer satisfaction and continual improvement of the service. Thus, rather than going blindly by what’s the ISO 9001 standard says, we take the direction that creates value for our customers,” adds Vijay. In addition, the company also provides clients access to its web based online Process Repository Software to manage the complete process documentation.

Taking the Yellow Brick Road

To stand in this zenith of triumph, Top Certifier had no short-cut in front rather than building itself with quality bricks. While other consulting organizations address every client with the same consultant personnel who gives them advices based on his general knowledge of process improvement, Top Certifier creates consultants out of domain experts who are well experienced in their area through its nine months in-house training program. No wonder these industry expert consultants make success stories. “We are a people first organization. Atop of having 3500 clients and a million dollar business, our greatest achievement is that we have created a transparent working environment where 150 consultants come, work happily and look forward to coming back the next day,” proclaims Vinay. In the long run, Top Certifier has leveraged on its overseas client acquisitions to become a local player in the top 10 cities where the company has major wedge of its business, and work with seamless ease. Within a couple of years, it is looking forward to make its presence in all the ten locations with quick response services, and in turn eradicate the administrative bottlenecks while working with local vendors. “We are all set to register in South Africa and Saudi Arabia, and we would put one more dot on the map – Singapore, which is yet to initiate,” concludes Vinay.


Key Management:

Vinay Kumar, Co-Founder & Director

An expert in business development, Vinay runs many other firms in versatile domains along with his co-director, while leading the company to new heights.

Vijay Boregowda, Co-Founder & Director

A technology wizard, Vijay has played a crucial role not only in setting up the company, but also in building game changing innovations like Knowledge-Library for the organization.

Offerings: ISO, HACCP, CMMI,CE Mark, ITIL, GMP, & GLP Certification

Offices: Bangalore (Headquarter), UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, South Africa, Singapore & Qatar.