TURNHERE: Creating Unique Identities through Innovative Branding

 Nilesh Picha, FounderAccording to Steve Jobs, design is not just what it looks like and feels like, but it is about how it works. TURNHERE The Brand Development Company (TBDC) is one such Pune-based designing company that truly manifests the aforementioned quote. The firm has always been at the forefront in designing and implementing advert tactics that can truly have the power to empower businesses. With a presence of more than 12 years (established in 2008) in the industry, TURNHERE has cemented its hold in the branding space as one of the leading organizations that operate as a highly professional partner for designing, communication, and branding solutions. The firm adheres to such a strategic, transparent and results oriented approach that infuses well with the innovative ideas and concepts of branding & promotion; and this is what makes it easier for businesses to gain a stronghold in the market and become the leader too.

Dedicated Services
TURNHERE has been the front runner in world class branding and communication services since its inception. Backed by an extremely talented team of nine professionals who are responsible for the building of creative & amazing yet easily acceptable communication ideas, the firm leverages the best technology in the industry
to create wonders in the form of advertisement. However, the firm predominantly relies on its gray matter, where each & every member of the team contributes their thoughts, innovative ideas and conceptualizing power to design a project that communicates effectively. “With a determination, we move-on to make a great difference in whatever we do for our clients so that they can get the maximum RoI,” states Nilesh Picha, Founder, TURNHERE-TBDC.

We believe in crisp and to the point advertising from both visual & content point of view, which enables us to leave no room for the audience to speculate who our client is and what they do

With such dedicated methodologies, TURNHERE aims to create a positive image that stays longer in customers’ minds through its branding services. Besides, the firm is renowned for its best-in-class 360-degree communication services that include advertising, designing, print media solutions, digital marketing & social media exposure, along with the best packaging solution that stands-out.

Differential Factor
It is commonly seen nowadays that most of the branding service providers (including unversed as well as big names in the industry) include too many unrelated details for the observer to retain a cohesive idea of what the advertisement is about. Indeed, they do this in order to attract the audience; however, they don’t realize that this creates word clutter and confusion for the observer. TURNHERE on the other hand strives hard to keep the message as clear as possible, and this is what segregates the firm from the crowd. “We believe in crisp and to-the-point advertising from both visual and content point of view. By doing so, we leave no room for the audience to speculate who our client is and what they do. Also, this is what helps us to make an outstanding contribution to our client’s business growth,” avers Nilesh.

With a plethora of dedicated offerings, TURNHERE aims to become the best brand management agency with more number of clients. Yet since its inception, the firm has bagged a number of prestigious clients, including Sengee Biochem Exim, Maharashtra Tea Supply, GKG Ventures, Ranawat Group, DG Patel Group, and many more. In the coming years, the firm aims to keep doing the good work, while also planning to expand the business to various verticals in the industry.