UKM SPower Solutions: The Pioneer in the India Solar Industry

Mantha Balasubramanian,DirectorAnticipating and preparing to address challenges that might arise in the future is an attribute of a great leader. Mantha Balasubramanian (Director, UKM SPower Solutions), a veteran in the solar and education industry, has built an illustrious career spanning 30 years based on this trait. UKM SPower, Mantha's brain child that helps entrepreneurs and industrial groups set up solar power plants, has built its niche by keeping its clients a step ahead of any impending challenges in their journey to setting up a solar power plant. Founded in 2013, the company is committed to enhancing infrastructure in India and globally by utilizing ‘build business’ experience and one of a kind ‘conceptualizing-weaving-proposing’ solution capabilities and create more business opportunities for entrepreneurs and industrial groups. The company's 'concept to commissioning' approach has won it several prestigious clients across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

Eliminating Risks of Non-Compliance
The process of building a solar power station is complicated and requires strict adherence to several compliances. “Every component that goes into building a power plant has its own set of norms and power plants must be complied with their respective state norms,” explains Mantha. Leveraging his prior industry experience, Mantha has built a strong knowledge bank of every requirement that goes into the process. This knowhow is applied while building designs and procuring land and other activities, which makes it easier for entrepreneurs and industrial groups to obtain approvals and cut shorts the timeline for completing a project. “Having worked on similar projects in the past, we bring that knowledge to the table from the very initial stage of the project. This ensures that there are no ugly surprises later on,” he further explains. UKM SPower thus eliminates risks such as delays caused by non-compliance.

Building Strong EPC Partnerships
UKM SPower brings an in-depth understanding of the solar domain in India along with an operating experience of delivering successful projects in the Indian markets. Developers often are on the lookout for an effective EPC partner which has a clear understanding of critical success factors for successful installation & commissioning.

UKM SPower brings an in-depth understanding of the solar domain in India along with an operating experience of delivering successful projects in the Indian markets

“The understanding of CSF will ensure validation and technical review of specifications and drawings, and will also ensure construction, Testing and Commissioning as per specifications and drawings. Compliance to statutory requirements and approvals on hand will ensure that COD is met,” elaborates Mantha. UKM SPower has built a strong roster of services that are adept at delivering all of the requirements. With services such as EPC services, design & engineering services, project development services, operation & maintenance services and installation & commissioning of DC works, the company has been a trusted partner to various clients.

Creating the Cost-Plus Model
The firm was also the pioneer of the Cost-Plus model (service led model) through which the entire liability lies with the developer. This model aids clients to meet cost targets and COD deadlines. It also ensures a high quality by always making use of the best components, while making O&M easier and simpler as the warranties and guarantees were passed on to the developers. The model ensured higher than estimated performance of all commissioned plants.

“Additionally, it renders complete control over the compliance process and in fact we assisted a government in developing a single window for all approvals,” elaborates Mantha.

Facilitating Entrepreneurship
India is home to various engineering and management colleges, which are often the breeding ground for budding entrepreneurs. Innumerable successful companies have been built within the walls of these educational institutions. However, building a successful business is no simple task.
Having a unique idea is not the only requisite for building a successful business. Various other factors go into turning an idea into a sustainable and successful company. Strong mentorship is something that can help aspiring entrepreneurs make it big in the market though. Having identified this, Mantha is working towards setting up and managing entrepreneurship cells in leading engineering and management colleges across India.“With the current Indian government having a bullish outlook towards pushing newer business ventures, the future will require strong mentors for budding entrepreneurs (start to start-up),” adds Mantha. He has spent several years of his illustrious career mentoring young businesses and going forward he intends to build a strong competency in the said segment. Drawing from his past experience of working with budding entrepreneurs and building his own successful company, Mantha is also looking to conducting Entrepreneurial Motivation Training.

The forward-looking industry veteran also intends to venture into rural India to understand and identify business opportunities in those areas. He plans to study access to the rural markets and understand it, identify the potential rural enterprises and set up facilitation centres that would assist the potential enterprises to access global markets. Additionally, in the years to come, Mantha looks to continue in the solar sector with a special focus on project management that includes compliance management. His focus will also be towards assisting organizations to enter and succeed in the Indian market. Mantha's strong resolve towards building successful businesses for the future backed by his years of industry experience is a sure shot recipe for success.

Key Management:
Mantha Balasubramanian, Director
With over three decades of experience in Operations, Franchise Management, Profit Center Head and Senior Management, Mantha is an acknowledged expert in government and large accounts management and this has helped in creating and managing his own start up successfully.

Office: Hyderabad
Services: Project Management Services including compliance management