Via Design: Create Enduring Spaces and Lasting Relationships

Priya Bishnoi & Partner, Creative Head &, Ram Joshi & Partner, Founder Principal

Priya Bishnoi & Partner, Creative Head &

Ram Joshi & Partner, Founder Principal

Rem Koolhaas, a Pritzker Prize-winning Dutch architect once said, “A building has at least two lives – the one imagined by its maker and the life it lives afterward – and they are never the same”. This dichotomy between the imagined and the real is far more exacerbated the case of workspaces. Rapidly evolving business scenario and disruptive innovations require organization to constantly innovate and adapt. Architects play a crucial role in thinking about the future of workspaces that will define and incubate innovation for organizations. However a lot of commercialized design firms provide cookie cutter solutions that fail to meet the challenge of providing innovative & relevant workspaces. Amid narrative that was dominating industry, Ram Joshi spotted an opportunity and set out to create Via Design in 1999, a full-service Interior Architecture firm dedicated to the objective of creating interior environments that define industry benchmarks for design innovation and project delivery. Via Design was set up with an object of providing boutique, individualized solutions to large scale clients and projects that could nurture organizations of the future.

Driven by the values of innovation and sustainability at the core of its practice, Via Design offers unique vision and substantial experience to deliver unsurpassed value for its clients. Based out of New Delhi,
this firm has designed and executed in excess of 150 independent projects for more than 100 separate clients in 16 states across India.Via Design has also design and executed projects in global locations Including Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Philippines, and KSA. Having worked across various industrial domains like Telecommunication, Engineering, Software companies, BPO, Hospitality and others, Via Design has successfully managed to bag reputed customers like Ericsson, Nokia Siemens, Huawei, Price water house Coopers, Ernst and Young, Microsoft, TCS, Make My Trip, Fluor, Starwood, Hilton, Marriott and many more.

Via Design was set up with an object of providing boutique, individualized solutions to large scale clients and projects that could nurture organizations of the future

Via Design possesses the unique proposition of being able to combine the security and the experience of a large design firm with the focus and creativity of a boutique design service. This enables the firm to deliver on the promise of its mission statement by creating spaces that delight its customers and forge long lasting relationships with the customers.“As a specialized interior design firm, we provide full bouquet of offerings including Interior Design & associated Mechanical and Engineering Services in conjugation with our allied engineering design firms and also Design and Build Services. Over the past few years there has been a shift towards the client approaching a single vendor for designing as well as build, there by minimizing interface with multiple agencies. The unique advantage that we bring to our clients is that we provide design services of a
boutique firm and hold project management capabilities of a large contracting firm. Our firm has the experience and ability to deliver projects of all scale, size and ambition, ”prides Ramya Iyer, Director Design Services, Via Design.

The success of Via Design is enshrined in their mission - To provide focus and attention of a boutique firm with the delivery ability of large scale practice’. “We have always sought to design spaces that endure via a process that allows us to create relationships that last. The key to our service differentiation has been our focus on adapting work processes and technologies which allow us to take care of the mundane activities in a structured manner, there by enabling us to focus our attention on creating real value for our customers,” shares Priya Bishnoi, Partner & Creative Head, Via Design.

Via Design takes great pride in its team which understands the customer requirements and gives optimal solutions. With its team's devotion and the company’s dedication in developing well designed and creative solutions for residential, commercial and institutional projects, today Via Design has emerged as one of the best Interior Design and Architecture firm that has set themselves apart in the industry by precisely summarizing their clients’ needs. Concluding the interaction by narrating the future roadmap of the company, Managing partner & founder of the firm, Ram Joshi says, "Globalization and technology has made our world smaller. We have executed several projects globally and improving our global presence is our key aim. We are also looking at expanding our services and including graphic design and other peripheral services which we can offer our clients as a part of the design bouquet. From a financial perspective our aim is to make Via Design a 100 cr. company in the years to come."