Vision Structural Design Aid (VISDA): Designing Sustainable & Robust Infrastructures for a Better World

Amarnath R Boraiah , Principal Consultant

Amarnath R Boraiah

Principal Consultant

The industries’ opinion of business conduct has undergone a massive transformation over the years. Sir Henry Royce, an English engineer acknowledged for his designs of car and airplane engines once said, “Strive for perfection in everything you do. Take the best that exists and make it better. When it does not exist, design it”. However, doing things alone is not possible for all organizations. The probable question is, ‘What, How, and to Whom do we outsource?’ Well, if it is about providing for the increasing number of infrastructure and capital projects in line to boost the growth of the construction sector, ensuring everyone’s safety, undoubtedly it’s the Structural Engineering sector.

The competition is promisingly tight today, and Vision Structural Design Aid (a structural engineering consultancy company) is one of the leaders that comes to the fore as a retort to the latter question. Established in 2010, Vision Structural Design Aid has emerged as a reliable and preferred choice for clients seeking seamlessly engineered & economical infrastructures. With its trusted reputation and commitment to safety, the company instills confidence in client businesses across India through structural engineering only, building structural designs like residential, commercial, industrial, malls, and other airports.

Amarnath R Boraiah, Principal Consultant & Founder of the company is a forward thinking person in the Structural design services space. With a background in structural engineering, having completed Civil Engineering and then, Master's in Structural design, he brings a wealth of experience of over a decade as a design engineer and Assistant Director in the industry, before incepting the company. The ideation of this company is often backed by a strong motive to do something unique and best. “Vision Structural Design Aid along with VISDA projects, a sister concern is a single-source responsibility and contractual risk provider company for end-to-end design/build
projects beginning from estimation, assessments, and pre-construction to architecture, schematics, engineering, subcontracting, construction, and post-construction. We maintain an association with all contract companies, such as subcontractors, equipment vendors, and material providers”, says Amarnath.

At the company, the design engineers involves themself in the projects right from the beginning and establishes coordination just right amongst the Design, Quantity Surveying, and Site handling teams which provides a strong communication channel and avoids all miscommunications. Having vast experience of over 40 million square feet and a thorough understanding of the infrastructure construction activity, Amarnath and his team reflects onto the minutest details, meeting all the specifications of the client.

While the availability of surplus raw materials at the site ensures no delay in the execution of work at any site even during a crisis, VISDA keeps up with the client’s project until the end, supported by an equally skilled workforce that leads to the timely completion of the project at all times. The company tries to maintain high-quality standards for all the projects that it works on without compromising on the architectural intent and execution.

The company has started extending end-to-end construction solution through its sister concern VISDA Projects, VISDA Projects started in 2020 backed by the experience and construction expertise of Vision Structural Design Aid has already gained client’s confidence and is getting repeated works from the same clientele. VISDA Projects was started as Amarnath felt a gap in the market for contractors with a comprehensive team of designers and execution experts who can provide high-quality products with utmost efficiency.

To date, comprehending the client’s two key demands about structural engineering ie, efficient & cost-effective infrastructures, Vision Structural Design Aid has managed to contribute to some notable projects throughout the nation

Growth & Future Ahead
To date, while comprehending to the client’s two key demands about structural engineering i.e., efficient, and cost-effective infrastructures, the company has managed to contribute to some notable projects throughout the nation like Birla Institute of Technology in Hyderabad, BITS Pilani, residential projects across South India, Mumbai, Palghar region and North India, and also industrial structures, and more. Subsequently, the company has grown multifold since its inception has been continuing to create wonders in the field of construction and engineering.

“The kinds of projects we did and are doing now have vast differences. Even our working system has changed. For us as quality has been important over quantity each time, we want to maintain that. Furthermore, with our strong presence in the consultancy area in 2020 as we incepted a new company, VISDA Projects - a turnkey consultancy, and have opened an office in Mysore and looking forward we aspire to extend our services across India and look to go global to handle some overseas projects in the forthcoming years”, concludes Amarnath.