White Owl Insights: Providing Insights on Human Behaviour in a Holistic Way

Dr. Sunitha Thampi,Founder & CEO

Dr. Sunitha Thampi

Founder & CEO

Like any other pattern in life, human behaviour can also provide insights into a consumer's purchasing decisions. Behavioural Research, as the name suggests, observes the behaviour of customers to come up with valuable insights regarding the improvement or presentation of a product to the customers. Behavioural research has become a hot topic among companies and organizations trying to solve hurdles in their day-to-day business operations. White Owl Insights is a Mumbai based behavioural research agency that is involved in understanding the behavioural reasons behind the ongoing consumer specific business challenges. White Owl Insights thinks and works beyond the idea of consumer and consumption but instead dedicated it-self in understanding business problems in the context of human lives. White Owl Insights uses a unique multi-disciplinary approach that combines various methodologies from both Arts and Sciences. The company utilizes research approaches from the subjects such as Cognitive Psychology, Behavioural Economics, Sociology, Cultural Studies and Anthropology.
The services rendered by White Owl Insights fall into four major categories of Research, Consumer Insights, Human Analytics and Assets Creation (development of methods, processes and systems). White Owl Insights enables businesses to use their services for requirements such as Product Development & Testing, Development of Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy & Media Planning, Experience Creation, Performance Analytics, Incentivisation Plans, Marketing & CRM Optimisation, etc. The company follows the policy of `heterogeneity' which enables them to follow a balanced and meaningful work culture. The team is dedicated to the outcome of the research rather than only adhering to the procedure, and approaches every project with the passion to learn something new.

White Owl Insights uses a unique multidisciplinary approach that combines various methodologies from both Arts and Sciences

The company uses existing theories, frameworks and syndicated research findings from different disciplines to understand the behaviours under consideration. Using data in various unconventional forms, White Owl converts them into information and knowledge by lever-aging multiple contexts, relations and behaviors. Then, the knowledge is converted into meaningful insights by putting derived knowledge against theories and culturally appropriate facts and trends. Insights lead to efficient business actions capable of addressing all phases of business challenges, from product development to brand revision. It minimizes research errors by including a multitude of data points and finally connects the dots between them. The data analysis phase is an extremely specialised function in White Owl's repertoire. Through this approach, White Owl Insights has been able to establish their relatively unfamiliar methodology in the industry and provide efficient services to their clients. For their future development, White Owl is planning to strengthen their services by revealing and transforming non-data into data, thus in turn enriching clients' data repository and providing services in developing behaviour frameworks, models, behaviour monitoring tools, and many such allied services.