Whole9Yards: End-to-End Solutions Provider for Brands across Indian & US Marketplaces

Roshit Choukhany & Abhijeet Agarwal,PartnersThe projected growth of Indian e-Commerce market from $38.5 billion to $50 billion by the end of 2018 clearly manifests the surge in number of online shoppers, while the online sales of physical goods in US is forecasted to surpass $603.4 billion by 2021. However, around 80 percent of these businesses fail within first 18 months, reasons being poor planning & forecasting, poor user experience, lack of quality content and above all, e-Commerce retail not being their core competency. When few such companies struggled for their survival, Whole9Yards, a multi-channel e-Commerce retailer of prominent brands, in-house brands and private labels, handheld them and brought in a 20 times hike in their sales. “Ensuring brand positioning through correct pricing, delivering accuracy of information to customers, creating brand awareness through effective marketing activities and enabling logistical support for timely delivery to customers were some of the avenues which helped us to achieve those flashing sales figures,” expresses Roshit Choukhany, Partner, Whole9Yards.
Established by the collaborative efforts, experiences and values of Roshit (holds a marketing degree from CMS Bangalore) and Abhijeet Agarwal (Partner, who has earned an Electrical Engineering degree from Cornell University, USA) in 2016, Whole9Yards presently silhouettes as a multi-category seller of indoor & outdoor furniture, lights, rugs, toys, pet products and a lot more products on all prominent e-Commerce websites (Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm & others) both in India & USA. Roshit and Abhijeet beheld the company’s transition into a complete end-to-end solution provider that brings any company online or enriches its existing e-Commerce footprint. Right from crafting the online marketing strategy for brands, creating the availability of products on e-Commerce platforms, storing them in warehouses across India & USA, to providing useful insights, brand strategy, data analytics & expertise in online marketing, Whole9Yards always gives the best through its connectivity with marketplaces, vendors and customer base.

Redefining e-Commerce
Diversifying its operations to the large consumer bases of US and India, Whole9Yards constantly strives to rewrite the misconception of e-Commerce as just brands’ presence on online platforms. “We actually believe in crafting a story about each brand’s products, enticing customers into buying them and ensuring a smooth customer experience right from online purchase till delivery” elucidates Abhijeet. While most prominent brands have transcended from the phase of investing minimal budgets to focusing solely on
gaining market share, this firm allows transparent sharing of data with them, thereby winning their confidence. Considering e-Commerce as a different brand building exercise, it deploys in-house, customized and automated tools to provide brand awareness, full logistics support, efficient inventory management, effective pricing management, automated processing of orders and ensuring positive consumer experience through 24x7 customer support team.

Besides managing multiple warehouses and marketplaces both in India and US, Whole9Yards’ complete set-up in US adheres to all stringent guidelines, sales tax regulations and India-US tax compliances for local procurement in US as well as imports from India for its brands. Proudly, it holds the exclusive licenses to sell Cross & Police leather & PU products, Wembley Toys (its own brand) across India & US and also imports and sells JK spices in US among several other brand representations. In a nutshell, Whole9Yards’ family of 21 promotes teamwork, participation and consensus besides addressing to its clients’ needs and caring people.

Leveraging the enormous scope & opportunities, increasing importance in India and growing appetite of US of the e-Commerce space, Whole9Yards is growing manifolds each month. With deep aspirations to set a benchmark in this industry, the firm is etching its focus towards technology innovation, ensuring smooth process flow and achieving perfect customer service with repeated customer orders.