Worksphere Architects: Designing Spaces with Business Objectives

Swapnil Sawant & Co-Founder & ,Padmapani Tilwe & Co-Founder

Swapnil Sawant & Co-Founder &

Padmapani Tilwe & Co-Founder

Corporate spaces have always been assumed as places and environment where people work, research, collaborate and socialize. Its designs depend on the vision of the corporate and their immediate business objectives. Therefore, it is very essential that the workplace environment is planned, design and equipped as carefully as possible to maximize the efficiency of the workforce. The drive for creativity and with a vision to bring in more creativity in the corporate architecture space, Swapnil Sawant and Padmapani Tilwe collaborated in 2003 to establish Worksphere Architects. There after in year 2010, Vibha Ponkshe, Urvi Lodaya and Rajesh Mehra joined subsequently. During the inception, Worksphere was the vision of two individuals. The firm started operating from a small space with initial assignments being received on goodwill. However, starting from the scratch is never an easy task. It calls for untiring and incessant hard work, and the team left no stone unturned to turn their dream into reality.

“There were moments of sheer joy when the unceasing labor reaped appreciation. But not all chapters of a success story speak of elating moments. There were also times when stress over powered the dedication, when vision was blinded, and mission seemed to go into oblivion. Constant work pressure and slow returns caused disillusion and the thought,“Was this all a mistake? ”started striking. Breaking away from a secured job to start out on our own, with just a vision, wasn’t proving to be a very prolific move. But hope is
what still remains even when everything else disappears.

Turning each failure into a stepping stone, we slowly and steadily, kept marching ahead. And soon, success set in,"shares Swapnil Sawant,Co-Founder & Architect, Worksphere Architects.

We at Worksphere Architects believe that a good design is all about listening to the client’s whispering needs and applying our hear

Worksphere was not a first mover in the field of corporate design. When the firm was established, it had to compete with large firms which were almost decade old. Despite being a young firm, Work sphere was keen to pick up opportunities and take its chances. The only way Worksphere could seize a break was by converting its weakness into its strength. Worksphere repositioned itself from Architects to ‘Business Enablers’. “We came up with a unique approach where we as business enablers started helping the clients to achieve their business objectives. Now our designs were proven more profitable then competition,”speaks Rajesh Mehra, Director, Worksphere Architects. This approach of Worksphere has been the game changer. The joint venture of two men which started from an 80 sq.ft.garage is now an over 40-strong organization of efficient architects and technocrats, specializing in delivering value.

Sailing Against the Wind

“The biggest challenge that the firm faced was in understanding the clients’ requirements. With our engagement workshop, we helped them to segregate needs and their wishes"says Vibha Ponk she, Associate Director at Worksphere Architects. The unique pre designed workshop helps clients to identify their quantitative and qualitative needs and
through psychometric methodologies the firm identifies the deep aspirations and quantifies them into a well-documented design program. Core competency of Worksphere lies in its matured design approach. Seldom does a project shoot in time and cost. This has helped Worksphere sustain its repeat clients.

Worksphere Architect’s success should be attributed to its philosophy of listening to the clients keenly and looking into the minutest detail. It has managed to preserve and propagate its foundation principles and has successfully carved a niche for itself in the world of corporate interiors. Today, Worksphere boasts of an impressive and diverse clientele which includes Tata Group, Aditya Birla Group, Reliance, Bharti Enterprises, Standard Chartered, HSBC, Citi Bank, Axis Bank, SBI and many more. With over 450 projects to its credit across 50 locations in India, Worksphere is creating inspiring environment which is not merely jigsaw fitting of space. The firm ensures a stress-free working environment for its people, inspiring them to put in their best. The energy and enthusiasm is obviously reflected in their work. Time and again, the team of Worksphere has delighted its clients with its designs and economically viable design solutions.

Worksphere believes in the formula that ‘Value = Quality – Price’. The team continuously strives to bring ‘Value for Money’ on table. “Our strength has been in working across budgets and making constraint beautiful and this has made us favorite among our clients. This has earned us repeat business from all our clients” says Urvi Lodaya, Head- Projects, Worksphere Architects. Worksphere is dedicated to attending to the client’s whispering needs, making a fresh approach towards defining his objectives and application of systematic methodology to deliver value. We believe – ‘A good design is all about listening to the client and applying our heart’ and we are determined to work with this notion in years to come,” signs off Swapnil.