• Are Restaurants Losing More Customers By Ignoring Mobile Security?
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    Are Restaurants Losing More Customers By Ignoring Mobile Security?

    Mobile is no longer an optional part of the restaurant customer experience. Restaurants are rushing to go mobile and purpose-built apps and devices are driving operating efficiency and customer loyalty. According to Verizon's 2020 Mobile Security Index (MSI), 88 percent of restaurant frontline employees use mobile devices to compete on the customer experience. And 40 percent of restaurants admit they cut corners on mobile security. This comes at the cost of data privacy. Restaurant chains face some unique cybersecurity threats. Self-service kiosks are exposed to a lot of users. The restaurant industry is uniquely vulnerable to physical tampering and POS hacks. Device security is often safeguarded by hourly employees and seasonal staffers. The result? Last year, 30 percent of...


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