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    10 Most Promising Retail Consultants - 2021

    In India, organized retailing means any trade performed by licensed retailers. In simple terms, licensed retailers are the ones who have sales tax and income tax registration. In this section, the publicly traded supermarkets, corporate-supported hypermarkets, and retail chains are included. Some of the privately-owned traditional large-scale retail businesses that are in constant upgradation according to the market dynamics are also included in this. These retail businesses operate only in a particular part of the country and vary according to the different climatic and cultural, and language differences. Now, with the advent of e-commerce in India, which has a gain of most of the modern-day retail, the bricks and mortar businesses find it difficult to maintain business stature,...

Top 10 Most Promising Retail Consultants - 2021


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Esper Esper Shiv Sundar,Co-founder & COO It offers developer tools, advanced developer operations pipeline, device telemetry, and android management
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AVA Merchandising Solutions AVA Merchandising Solutions Amit Chopra, Founder & CEO The company offers solutions in the verticals of marketing, airline retailing, and merchandising
Giraffe Advertising And Marketing Giraffe Advertising And Marketing Diipti Dawar, Founder & MD It works as the extension of marketing department for creation, development, and implementation of retailing brands
Glue Design Glue Design Niladri Mukherjee, Founder & MD Offers product innovation and engineering, for problem solving in retail, exhibitions, and product design
Goodwill Retail Goodwill Retail Mahendra Shinde, Founder & Creative Director Bringing in quality and efficiency into the Indian retail consultancy industry
I Four Transformation I Four Transformation Rajesh Saboo, Founder & CEO An organization inclined towards offering innovative solutions to various large & small retailers, shopping malls, warehouses and other domain partners
InkyIdeas InkyIdeas Amit Kumar Kundu, Founder Providing services like integrated conceptual campaign, mall activations, and vehicular activations
Rolling Banners Rolling Banners Bobby Singh Chandel, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer A provider of excellent solutions in store launches, signages and dealer boards, and asset branding
SRSA Retail SRSA Retail Rajeev Yadav, Director The services offered include market entry planning, business advisory, legal services, marketing and public relations, brand building, store staff training, retail space advisory, store operations, human resource, business audit, and buying & sourcing
Tidal7 Brand & Digital Tidal7 Brand & Digital Venkat Mallik, Co-Founder & Chief Strategy Officer Offering services like brand strategy, digital strategy, integrated digital services, content marketing, digital toolkit, multi channel creative, video strategy & execution, behavioral economics and tidal 7 retail