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  • 10 Most Promising EHS Consultants - 2019

    At present, enterprises are going beyond meeting compliance and stepping forward to maintain the environment, health, and safety, which are turning as a core component of every business strategy. For decades, this has been a responsibility of businesses and the concept of EHS rose up as a business initiative for companies that want to not only comply with regulations & industry standards but also be a better atmosphere, to furnish a safe and healthy environment.  On the path to protecting people and the planet, the role of the EHS professional has evolved over the years. While moving beyond traditional activities like ensuring regulatory compliance and reporting requirements, today’s EHS leaders are tasked with keeping a watchful eye on consumer demands, corporate...

10 Most Promising EHS Consultants - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
ASCENSO ENVIRO PVT LTD ASCENSO ENVIRO PVT LTD Purushottam Sharma, Direct Offers consulting services and integrating engineering, science, and planning to provide innovative solutions
B S Envitech B S Envitech Y.B.S Moorthy, Managing Director & Founder One stop solution providers and favoured destination for environmental consultancy, environmental audit, mining services among many other
Conserve Consultant Conserve Consultant Parasuraman R, Founder & Chairman Aims at delivering performance through planning, design, development and maintenance of Energy Efficient, Sustainable services
Eco Ventures Eco Ventures Shyam Gupta, Founder & Managing Director, Aditya Paranjape, Vice President An end-to-end consultancy service provider that allow clients to adopt appropriate environmental practices
Environ India Environ India Md. Habibulla, Chief Executive Officer A leading provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, social consulting services and sustainability related services
G5 Infra Facility G5 Infra Facility Prashanth T S, Managing Director, Venkkattramm Raju, COO A technical service provider focusing on engineering, electrical, mechanical, civil, environmental solutions and manpower deployment
Greenleaf Envirotech Greenleaf Envirotech Kalpesh Goti, Founder Offers services and products in the field of Environmental Engineering and Civil Engineering to their customers
SMS Multiservices SMS Multiservices Aji Abraham, CEO One of the fast growing Service Provider Company that provides quality EHS services with cost effective method
Sustainancy Consultants Sustainancy Consultants Vivek Pai, Founder Renders services in the field of Carbon Footprint and Green Mobility, Environment friendly Architecture, Environment Management, Sustainability Management among many others