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    India, being a major greenhouse gas emitter, is also one of the attacking prone zones for climate change in the world. Already, there has been a flood in the different parts of the country like the states of Bihar, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, and parts of Meghalaya, also in the regions of Mumbai, Konkan, Karnataka, and Telangana. A senior scientist from the National Weather Forecasting Centre concluded that this year, there has been an exception rainfall, causing extreme weather events. Amidst the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to floods, heatwaves, and drought, severe storms and water stress have been causing negative effects on the ancient land. And being one of the most populated countries, the climatic changes cause a deadly impact in the country,...

10 Most Promising EHS Consultants - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aseries Envirotek India (AEIPL) Aseries Envirotek India (AEIPL) Amar Singh Yadav, Founder & CEO First professional Indian organization, providing e-waste management, Environmental Impact Assessment, and Environmental Management Plan for diverse Infrastructure Projects.
Global EHS Consultant Global EHS Consultant Dr. Pranam Dhar, Advisory Board Member Delivering services in general environmental management, air emissions & pollution control, waste management & recycling chemicals management, water resources & wastewater discharge, dangerous goods management.
Momentum India Momentum India Rohan Oberoi, Founder & CEO The firm offers services in audit reviews, safety upgradation, training and skills management, critical infrastructure and asset protection, crisis and emergency response, business continuity planning, safety and management events, aviation search and rescue, and airborne ISR.
Northstar Safety Systemz Northstar Safety Systemz Arpan Aggarwal, Founder Offers environment health & safety management, ehs trainings, ehs audits, ehs plans and procedures, ehs consultation, business continuity management, ehs study and assessment.
Nucleus Nucleus Mahendarbhai .N. Prajapati, Founder Renowned for offering services in risk management, statutory compliance, fire safety and audit services.
Pollucareindia Pollucareindia Dr. S. Saibabu B.E, Managing Director Focused on delivering best services to protect the environment and pollution control measures, facility management services, and consultancy and liaison services.
Pragnaa Shree Venture Pragnaa Shree Venture Murali Radhakrishnan, Director Leverages compliance audit services, factory compliance services, establishment compliance services, flexi staffing services, payroll management services, compliance on-call services, career development program, recruitment support, and legal consultation on labour mgt.
TeamTech EHS TeamTech EHS Nithin Thankappan, Co-Founder The company facilitates strategic services, management systems services, audits/assessments, training & capacity buildings, sustainable solutions, green buildings.
Vidhi Consultancy Vidhi Consultancy Arghya Sengupta, Founder and Research Director With friendly and supportive customer service, the company offers quality management system, environment, health and safety systems, food safety management system, regulatory standards, environment, health and safety systems, IT related standards, and more.