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Vinit Dungarwal,Founder&CEO

Vinit Dungarwal


While establishing any new facility against the ever changing dynamics of market, organizations entail an extra eye to foresee what it pragmatically takes to score their goal. Lend your ears to an alarming record of blown out budgets that touch directly on the nuts and bolts of project management (PM). A global study that analyzed 1,471 projects suggests that one in six projects costs an average budget overrun of 200 percent and a schedule overrun of almost 70 percent, while the largest construction projects like Channel Tunnel, Euro Disney, and Boston’s ‘Big Dig’ that ended up costing almost double their original estimate, send us reminders time and again.

Since the segment gives no room for taking chances; it’s not surprising that major organizations restrict their radar to proven PM consultants, such as AMs Project Consultants – a PM & Services group ensuring budget & time stipulated project delivery through value engineering while offering end-to-end, agile & highly customized PM solutions with local insights and global proficiency. With a decade strong track record that boasts of saving project cost through value engineering, AMs caters to a prestigious domestic and international clientele that spans across multifarious sectors in India, and includes prominent brands like Thermax, KSB, URB, IBM, Bitwise Global, ZS, Fujitsu, Axis Bank, Aditya Birla, Reliance Industries, Max Life and many more. It even associates with country's renowned institutes like Birla Institute of Technology, American School - of Bombay, Avasara Leadership academy and Deutsche School of Bombay, where the complete academic year is linked to the project delivery schedule - a proposition that eradicates the concerns of timely project completion. Banking on its ability to de-risk the whole project with its deep experience, flexibility to tackle discrete predicaments, and capability to offer any service from PM, Cost Management, and Project Audit to Warranted Price model that comes with complete risk transfer by the client, AMs ensures its clients that that the project is in safe hands, and in turn enabling them to pay complete attention on their core business areas. This in fact probes into company savoring 63 percent of its business from repeat or referral clients.

"AMs stands for Always Motivated to succeed; that's our fuel to drive the show. We excel in value engineering up to an extent where our work indirectly becomes free of cost for our clients, whereas our commitment on paper is to return minimum 30 percent of our consultancy fees in the form of value engineering," asserts Vinit Dungarwal, Founder & CEO, AMs Project Consultants, who is one among the top 20 illustrious alumni of National Institute of Construction Management and Research (NICMAR). AMs is broadly recognized to save up to 7-9 percent of total project cost.
Recently the company added another golden feather to its crown by completing a project worth Rs.100 crore within the budget and scheduled timeline of 14 months for the German conglomerate -KSB Pumps. In fact,AMs had set the base line at 90 percent in terms of time and cost. Strictly tracking the schedule which comprised of 2794 activities on a weekly basis and following a systematic approach towards the risk management where the CEO treated himself as the CRO, and the senior management monitored Level 1 report for all the activities having risk value more than 16, AMs de-risked the project effortlessly and climbed the success mountain.

AMs stands for Always Motivated to succeed; that's our fuel to drive the show AMs is not the one that restricts itself to just running the company, but has also developed various papers on Procurement Scenario - 2022, and Modular Approach in construction industry

From Good to Great
Foreseeing the dire need for a domestic project consultancy,which can provide the 'GLOCAL' experience (Global Knowledge + Local Expertise), Vinit established AMs Group in 2007, back-lifted by a bunch of Industry experts Reminding us of the four 'Ps' of Philip Kotler - the marketing guru, the company soon devised an organizational approach based on another six 'Ps' - People, Project, Procedure, Profile, Publicity and Profit, considering value on the sequence. Owing thanks to its approach, the strong involvement of senior management, strict adherence to the local & international regulatory codes, and most predominantly the organized procurement by procurement team which helps it bestow 'German quality' products in Indian price, the company took no time to carve its niche and transform from 'good to great'. “For us, Brand is Everything, because we strongly believe that our services are giving us the Cost and our Brand is giving us the profit,” adds Vinit.

AMs today stands tall amidst world’s top 20 promising project consultants with greatest of predictions for future. Needless to say, sharp future takes extreme quality, where technology plays its crucial innings. Besides its front-end technology, the company is also developing a mobile application to not only perform quality management, but also ensure high-end safety management. AMs is not the one that restricts itself to just running the company, but has also developed various papers on Procurement Scenario – 2022, and Modular Approach in construction industry. These contributions recently brought an award home from CE Worldwide. With an aim to optimize Time, Quality, Cost & Safety, the company currently indulges in a modular approach in construction industry; alongside developing a supply chain for the same. In fact, these are just a few to mention abreast of an entire gamut of innovations happening at the back-end.

Creation&Distribution of Success
"We are happy to announce to the world that we are not just to
be counted, but we are ready to head the list of companies being counted,"adjoins Vinit. AMs ascertains that its talent pool, which finds a perfect balance between young and experienced members, is curated in accordance with its growth pace, exposing them to 40+ training sessions including out-of-box monthly thinking sessions under the leadership of IIT & IIM alumni to solve unique industry problems. Maintaining an ideal equilibrium between People skills and Process skills has been an underlying growth element. "We have a 'MY AMs' culture. I am a people person, which makes me successful in developing overwhelming professional relationships with all my colleagues. They understand the things with just a hint, and complement each other. We consistently strive to make it a happier place to work, together," he adds. While savoring great balance of work and life, AMsians constantly show team spirit with maximum intensity to tackle all that hindrances show up in their yellow brick road; beating 2008’s great recession without any casualty was merely an example of this team spirit. This culture undeniably has played a pivotal role in 32 percent of its employees already completing 5+ years in the company.

The company along side its growth has become highly selective about its clients. “The primary growth strategy for coming three years will be to develop a new market and a new product. To strengthen the operations, we are also bringing technology on various fronts, which include investing time and money to develop the best sales force, and tools related to CRM and clients’ feedback,” concludes Vinit. AMs is blessed with a pool of investors who augment significant value beyond the liquid fuel, and it helps the company to serve its social commitments by taking part in several CSR projects like the recent one with Avasara Leadership Academy. Lucidly, AMs while going forward will not be mere success creators, but also the distributors of success.

Key Management:
Vinit Dungarwal,Founder&CEO
Construction Management professional from NICMAR, specializing in construction and commercial management of major projects, He has successfully exceeded major professional challenges he confronted, generating the highest level of performance. Acting as a change agent, he provided strategic insights, improved productivity and delivered outstanding results in a fiercely competitive scenario.

R.S. Inamdar,Director
Project Management Professional with 27+ year's veteran, R.S. Inamdar is a resourceful professional with wealth of experience optimizing facilities /construction / Design and Project management within diverse sectors through outstanding senior - level management, technical, and leadership expertise. Working as a collaborative communicator and leader with talent for establishing productive relationships with clients, internal staff at all levels and external partners and building strong, he has motivated multi-dimensional teams.

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