ASCENSO ENVIRO PVT LTD: Deliver unparalleled service & offer quality resources

In the present business scenario, delivering top-notch service also means going beyond compliance to add value to the business systems. In an increasingly interconnected and complex business world, companies are building a more sustainable ecosystem and culture. Companies are now assuming responsibility and adding Environment, Health and Safety as their core component and key driver to an effective business strategy.

Professionals from diverse background pulled together as a team with the intention of making a joint contribution in developing Environment, Health and Safety Programmes (EHS) for organizations who not only want to go beyond compliance and but also be better environmental stewards, and provide their employees with a safe and healthy workplace, forms the core part of an EHS Consultancy. A similar initiative is taken by a group of industry mavens who have pooled their expertise to constitute a magnificent EHS company, Ascenso Enviro Private Limited (AEPL) - a consultancy firm furnishing overarching Consulting, Laboratory, Research & Training Services along with Innovative Solutions across the broad-ranging disciplines including Corporate Environmental Management, Environmental And Social Impact Assessments, Quality Management, Health & Safety Management, Industrial Hygiene, Training and Environmental Services To The Hospitality Sector. “At AEPL, we are driven by a unique vision, a philosophy that combines profitability with social accountability and good business practices with genuine ecological concerns. Our goals come from our commitment to consistent performance and growth,” says the founder.

The company assists both private and public establishments with top-drawer services that are orchestrated availing the proficiency of engineering and science together with innovative planning. The objective of bringing ASCENSO ENVIRO into existence is to fulfill its motive of delivering unparalleled services and offer quality resources to every organization. The end in view is to derive integrity, innovation and experience through each of these services. To achieve its object of exercise, the company serves its clients by offering consulting services and integrating engineering, science and planning to provide innovative solutions. It prides itself in
providing clients with a holistic approach, which enables added value in all instances of clients’ activities. “We achieve these goals through a simple formula - the personal commitment of highly qualified, experienced professionals, plus the corporate commitment of consistently providing the highest quality services within budget and on schedule,” he says.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company and accredited by Quality Council of India (NABET) as an Environmental Consultancy Organization, AEPL provides EHS consultancy services to make any facility such as industries, residential complexes, schools and colleges environment friendly. It has the capability and robust methodologies to offer consultancy services to its customers and enable them to transform into ‘enterprises with an edge’ in this current competitive environment. “We are able to offer clients the on-going attention and project management on each of its engagements, as well as the cost efficiencies. We use modern scientific methods, developed by academics and professionals. We are a modern consultancy. We do the job right,” he mentions.

Purushottam Sharma, Direct

The company houses a multi-disciplinary consulting team of environmentalists, engineers, biologists, hydrogeologists, lawyers, economists, sociologists, modelers and facilitators committed to providing the clients with the highest quality service and integrated solutions for business and the environment.

The objective of bringing ASCENSO ENVIRO PVT LTD into existence is to fulfil its motive of delivering unparalleled services and offer quality resources to every organization

The Growth
In the coming years, ASCENSO ENVIRO aims to provide efficient and cost –effective solutions to the Environment, Health and Safety realm of corporate businesses. This unique organization will contribute to a shared vision of sustainable development through consultancy, research, training and capacity building. The team will further formulate strategies and facilitate resources to clarify clients’ objectives and goals.” Our mission is to support enterprises in their endeavor to achieve Sustainable Development. Our belief is that honest efforts and commitment can provide an effective and cost-efficient way to achieve objectives,” he concludes.