Aseries Envirotek India: A Robust Models For Inclusive Growth & Sustainable Development

Amar Singh Yadav,Founder & CEO

Amar Singh Yadav

Founder & CEO

Industrial revolution and urbanization have made human social life effortless, yet it has been the biggest contributer in ecological and environmental imbalances and problems like e-waste and dis-charge of untreated hazardous industrial substances. The need of the hour is to have some management sys-tem to ensure ecological balance in the environment. Aseries Envirotek India (AEIPL) is the first professional Indian Socio-Environmental organization (ISO 9001:2015 certified), specializing in e-waste management, providing Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan for diverse Infrastructure Projects.

AEIPL also helps corporate to manage their environmental & sustainability needs, from basics like strategy development to on-ground implementation, and reporting and audit, across the value chain. It also vigorously promotes internationally agreed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Sustainability Standards, High Environmental Standards, and better Governance through National Contact Points. The company works towards developing robust models for inclusive growth & sustainable development.

AEIPL Offerings
AEIPL's market strategy involves customer-
focus, team-work, transparency, high safety standards, accountability, kaizen (continuous service improvements) to make the most out of this vast business opportunity. The company provides various services like Environmental Impact Assessment, Social Impact Assessment, Environment Management Plans, Environmental, Forest and Wildlife Clearances, and Emergency Response & Disaster Management Plan (ERDMP). It also provides vetting/certification from PNGRB Approved Third Party Inspection Agency (TPIA), Compliance of Environmental Clearance (EC), Consent to Establish (CTE) and Consent to Operate (CTO) from State Pollution Control Boards for all types of infra-structure projects. It also helps its clients in the preparation and approval of mine plans.

Aseries Envirotek believes in proper and well-directed action to bring about a paradigm shift in the current exploitative growth

AEIPL: Study & Training
AEIPL provides Ecology and Bio-diversity studies, Quantitative and Qualitative Risk Analysis (QRA), and Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) study. It also conducts training and awareness programs on Environment Protection and E-waste Management. Additionally, AEIPL assists electrical and electronics equipment producers including importers, e-retailers/on-line sellers in getting Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Authorization from CPCB, and its compliance and submission of returns.

AEIPL: Pinnacle in EHS Consulting
AEIPL's in-house team of professionals and associates provide services of the highest standard which are practical, cost-effective, and responsive to the client's needs to ensure optimal client-benefit. Commitment to excellence has been the company's credo since the day of its inception and forms the central emphasis in all of its operations. Also, AEIPL uses the latest software for modeling and prediction of impacts in its services.

It also provides internal training to its employees to ensure their optimal productivity and efficiency. With the clientele including Indian Indian Oil Corporation, GAIL India, Shree Cement various mine owners of mining minerals, various universities, consulting engineers, planners, and architects, AEIPL is all set to stay in the pinnacle in time-bound delivery, accountability, and proper communication with the clients.