Chef M&N: The Most Competent & Reliable Resort to Establishing World-Class F&B Businesses

Chef Vijaykumar Manikandan & Chef Navin Prasad,FoundersChef Navin Prasad & Chef Vijaykumar Manikandan (Founders, Chef M&N) are as different as chalk and cheese, yet when their skills frizzle together a culinary tour de force is plated and served. This was also how Chef M&N took birth in 2018 when the awesome twosome seeded the idea of investing their long years of globally recognized skills and expertise on Chennai’s grounds, not as mere chef’s but with a fiery zest to pillar Food & Beverage(F&B) nascent’s and budding entrepreneurs in this segment. On returning from their international ventures serving in reputed kitchens across countries, Navin & Mani identified lags in professional restaurant business in India, studied its market and set on a mission to transform the same. “Back in 2017 my partner Mani and I were having a discussion about our discontentment with decisions made by people we were working with. We then reflected upon our experiences and culinary proficiency(Mani 16 years of experience and I got 24) and decided to start something of our own, and that was how the Chef M&N seed was sown we had kick started our operations at the dawn of the following year,” stated Navin.
Chef M&N today celebrates the success of completing over 35 projects with three international setups as well (Bangkok & Manila). Leaving no stone unturned, the duo embarks upon every restaurant related service right from pioneering international based exotic menus to setting up innovative restaurant concepts or revamping old ones to crowd drawing concrete marvels additionally providing strategic analysis, branding, skill enhancement, franchise management and menu styling/engineering. Banking on their vast F&B cognizance the two some even harbours their mixology and cocktail skills and sets up stunning cocktail bars drawing inspiration from international tie-ups and vendors.

The duo embarks upon every restaurant related service, right from pioneering international based exotic menus to setting up innovative restaurant concepts or revamping old ones to crowd drawing concrete marvels

Services Echoing Success
Pledging that no voyage should be walked alone, Chef M&N avows assisting their clients in creating world-classF&B business. With their unprecedented organized, planned and meticulous approach to the F&B forte, under realistically based timelines, the duo exploits every resource in their power to establish the clients business. Moreover to give it that extra edge, the chefs and their proficient team of eight take on global trips to understand international trends and blend it with native cuisine styles to up the ante of the F&B game in the country. Further with their much cherished international ties chefs Navin and Mani hold a good grip over excelling the delivery of matchless projects.

Endeavouring on expanding their horizons to international projects with Manila, Bangkok and London in sight, Chef M&Ns journey is a remarkable example that idealizes the following quote, “It does not matter if it’s done, but how it’s done makes all the difference.” In the words of Chef Navin “Everybody in India serves Chicken Tikka but how differently can one present it matters. Think out of the box as what you put on the plate and customer satisfaction is what counts end of day.” Awarded as the “Best Upcoming New Comer” by Time Out, Chef M&N is truly en route to creating a revolution to the F&B industry in India.