Chef's at Work: World-Class Brand Builders Fulfilling Dreams of Aspiring F&B Entrepreneurs

Rajneesh Gandhi,Founder & CEO

Rajneesh Gandhi

Founder & CEO

India’s promising cum nurturing terrafirma is home to diverse global fetes and the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry is one among its most celebrated. Nestled within this hopeful nation is the Silicon Valley of India Bangalore, the melting pot of the F&B panache. Thanks to its burgeoning millennial population and their rising incomes, several domestic and international opportunists have found it the perfect place to fortify dreams. Situated amidst this, one such F&B visionary Rajneesh Gandhi (Founder & CEO, Chef’s at Work) emerged with a dream of fulfilling the dream of others by offering his affluent 35 years of expertise(as Chef)in setting up kitchens and crafting succulent menus for aspiring clients within the industry. Under the brand name Chef’s at Work that he incepted in 2011, Rajneesh and his team major in delivering world class industry based and tech associated F&B services with precision as its beckon.

He states, “Our expertise lies in transforming business models to executable, reliable and robust business solutions. We take care of the total backend solutions, where we first design a menu for the project then the kitchen and we also help clients with necessary appliances and interiors, technical requirements and even with expert head chefs, thereby assisting an all embracing support in setting up a restaurant.” With a
vision of setting new benchmarks in the Hospitality industry and paving paths for radical thinking to reach newer heights Chefs at Work is a complete one stop global consulting & service establishment with specialized services in Hotels, Restaurants, Recreation and other Hospitality related industries.

Our expertise lies in transforming business models to executable, reliable and robust business solutions

Team-Spirit goes Beyond Consulting
Possessing distinct hands-on experience in planning, development, procurement and management of hotels in India & abroad Rajneesh ensures to ace the delivery of every project right from conceptualization to completion of the clients dream venture. Thus coming across some of the most famous eatery joints in the city (Toit, Brooks and Bonds Brewery, Wanderers and more) could potentially reflect the awe inspiring proficiency of the Chefs at Work team. Moreover, aside being fluent in its F&B know how, the team is also instrumental in providing web based solutions, application development, Linux migration, cloud computing and content writing. Rajneesh says, “Our team of highly skilled and qualified professionals possess hands on experience in using latest technologies and open source platforms. Thus, our expertise at all levels of hospitality management, consulting, growing powerful brands and creating impacting designs, gives us the edge we hold today.”

Earning mounting repute to its name, Chefs at Work couldn’t contain its rather proficient expertise to just mainstream consulting and thus launched ‘Pappu Chaiwalla’ a tea based cafe that is also partaking in the famed status of its mother brand Chef’s at Work. What started as an inhouse brand, Pappu Chaiwalla today has around 12 outlets spread across Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai and Patna, further looking at exploring new horizons & surfing new waters challenging its extraordinary services.

Completing over 75 projects globally since its inception, Chef’s at Work records its growth in terms of projects undertaken. Beginning with just four annually, the company today undertakes over two projects per month. Upon enquiring on future prospects, Rajneesh stated, “I have done a few international projects and aim to familiarize our brand further in these markets as well as widen our expanse throughout India.”