Cybez Consulting: Growth Hackers for e-Commerce

Atul Jain,Founder

Atul Jain


With newer brands constantly coming to fore, and the process of commercialization being democratized by platforms that make it easy to promote new brands as well as more legacy brands going online, competition has become really cut throat. Add to that changing conditions due to world events such as COVID creating more unpredictable sales cycles, as well as the need to compete not only domestically but worldwide, and being able to throttle revenues in a variety of ways has become really important. Fortunately, one of the great things about running an e-Commerce brand is that there is always a consulting firm to guide the business through rough tides.

Unlike other digital agencies, Cybez is a niche eCommerce Marketing & Consulting company which offers services geared towards increasing revenue for its eCommerce clients. The firm does not offer services like social media, content development, branding, and more. Instead, Cybez does the heavy lifting for clients and offers services which directly impact their online sale.

e-Commerce Website Development, e-Commerce SEO, Performance Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization and Retention Marketing are some of the quintessential services that Cybez offers its clients. Adhering to its motto of helping clients setup and scale their e-Commerce business, Cybez only works on the best e-Commerce platform in the market and is thus the official partner for Shopify in India. All its website development projects have great UI UX. This improves their conversion rates, comes with
pre-built marketing automation tools which enable them with customer behaviour tracking and segment their customers for better marketing. Moreover, every project under taken by Cybez, scores high on e-Commerce SEO compatibility.

Cybez also offers e-Commerce SEO as against a traditional SEO service which helps get visitors who have a high ‘purchase intent’ as against visitors with just ‘discovery intent’. Cybez’s KPI for e-Commerce SEO is not just improving ranks for its clients in Google search, but also looks at improvements in their organic revenue.

Cybez is one of the few e-Commerce specialized agencies in India who truly know what Conversion rate Optimization really is and how it helps improve profitability for e-Commerce businesses

In terms of its expertise around Conversion Rate Optimization, Cybez is one of the few e-Commerce specialized agencies in India who truly know what Conversion rate Optimization really is and how it helps improve profitability for e-Commerce businesses. Cybez helps increasing sales with the same amount of traffic being generated on the website, which eventually means an increase in revenue per visitor, reduction in customer acquisition cost and helps improve the overall profitability of the business.

Customer at the Centre of Every Offering
Cybez has maintained a customer centric approach and plans its strategies based on the customer journey. The firm consults and helps its clients using tried and tested frameworks which form an integral part of Cybez’s digital strategy. For Performance Marketing, the company follows an AIDA framework and nurtures the users from top of funnel to bottom of the funnel thereby influencing them to buy the product. Similarly, for Retention Marketing, Cybez’s team first understand the customers buying behaviour and then segment them into different buckets basis their past behaviour, before sending out any communication to them. Thus, every strategy is formulated basis the past customers behaviour for the clients.

Cybez has worked with brands across verticals and has maximum clients within Fashion and Lifestyle verticals followed by F&B. Besides, Cybez has received great response from D2C brands who need help in setting-upand scaling their online businesses in India. Cybez plans to expand its client base outside India more aggressively specially in countries like US, UK and Singapore. “We love to work with clients across industries be it big or small. We are a pure services company and our personalized approach and attention to detail have helped many clients grow their business”, concludes Atul Jain, Founder, Cybez.