Food Safety Works: All about Food Safety

Sarika Agarwal, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Sarika Agarwal

Co-Founder & Managing Director

According to WHO, almost one in 10 people globally fall ill after eating contaminated food, while 420,000 die every year. Hence, food safety has become integral part of the food industry to ensure no loose ends when it comes to consumer’s health. Believing that food safety is not just about a practice or a certification, but all of them working in tandem, is Food Safety Works(FSW), an end-to-end food safety solution provider.

Run by Food Technologists holding deep understanding of the domain, both in terms of technology and operations, FSW offers solutions right from the inception of the product, setting up a production facility, implementing the processes, training and even performing periodic audits to ensure the systems don’t break down. “We are all about Food Safety. Our online FSMS, FoodProDocs helps keep track of documents and records to help maintain Food Safety, while our Outsourced Services take care of Quality Assurance processes at the client site. The anchor of this is our consulting, where we review the clients’systems and processes, and provide the right recommendations,” explains Sarika Agarwal, Founder & Managing Director, Food Safety Works.

Unlike other consulting firms who are horizontally focused around implementing
ISO9000, Six Sigma and others, FSW is entirely focused on food. Talking about client’s challenges, Ramesh Agarwal, Co-Founder & COO, Food Safety Works, explains, “They lack an integrated approach to food safety. Additionally, getting access to world class knowledge locally is another challenge”. Hence, FSW brings in the global know-how to the local industry to eliminate such quandaries and puts extra weight age on client’s confidentiality to ensure their information remains watertight. Further, to avoid any conflict of interest, the company has not tied-up with any of the certification agencies, rather leaves it to the clients to choose the agency of their preference.

The anchor of this is our consulting where we review the clients’ systems and processes, and provide the right recommendations

The Expert & the Expertise
Food industry is very crucial and with India’s poor relationship with food safety, quality and hygiene, it further becomes a critical game. But with Sarika’s and Ramesh’s years of industry experience, the ball just rolls. Sarika brings multiple perspectives into play through her experience in operations as a product manager, consultant for food safety systems and also as an auditor, while Ramesh comes from a tech background holding extensive experience in operations having setup multiple teams and delivered world class products and services.

Leveraging this deep understanding and know how, FSW has helped several clients sail successfully through food safety and quality assurance challenges. Having worked in different verticals across the industry, the one that requires special mention is FSSC22000 implementation at the cafeteria of one of the top 10 technology company’s India centre, which is first-of-its-kind in India. “The systems and processes setup at their in-house kitchen ensures that the food served there is safe for both their Indian and International employees,” asserts a proud Sarika.

Engaged in creating the next line of experts, the company encourages its team comprising of 90 percent women to explore new technologies and solutions coming into the market. The team members also carry out internal studies on India specific problems, which do not have a global benchmark as yet. Such out-of-the-box initiatives coupled with extensive offerings enables the company to grow at a whopping 30 percent, which it plans to double in the next three years.