G5 Infra Facility: Technology, People & Services Transformation

Prashanth T S, Managing Director,Venkkattramm Raju, COO

Prashanth T S, Managing Director

Venkkattramm Raju, COO

In today’s world, environment, health and safety (EHS) is a core component of every business, going beyond meeting compliance requirements as a key driver of company’s overall business strategy. Compliance is no longer the sole purpose of corporate EHS programs. New technology and regulations, strong competition, and changes in consumer attitudes have made EHS a vital and valuable tool. In practice, EHS is a business initiative for companies that want to not only comply with regulations and industry standards, but also be better environmental stewards, and provide their employees with a safe and healthy workplace. This growing trend has made it compulsory for companies to redefine a consultant's role in their health and safety programs. On an ever-increasing basis, many firms are reducing their health and safety staffs and seeking outside help for many of the services previously provided by in-house professionals. One such firm is G5Infra Facility. Founded by engineers having vast knowledge and experience in technical solutions and executions, G5 Infra is a technical service provider focusing on
engineering, electrical, mechanical, civil, environmental solutions and manpower deployment. The company also plays the role of Environmental Consultants for all types of industries and carries out Government Liasoning works. It executes design, construction, commissioning of New and old Sewage, Effluent and Water Treatment Plant along with Annual Maintenance Contract.

The company provides cost, quality and time efficient services that ensure highest level of customer satisfaction. The services are flexible and customized as per customers’ requirement. “Our team leaves no stone unturned to deliver tailored and comprehensive environmental, health and safety management consulting and compliance services to multi-sector clients,” says the founder.

G5 Infra provides cost, quality and time efficient services that ensure highest level of customer satisfaction

The team consists of highly disciplined, technically qualified and experienced technical work force that helps clients eliminate or reduce EHS risks and then proactively establish programs to manage the remaining EHS responsibilities in a cost-effective manner. With a mission to deliver value in each project that benefits the customers, the company caters to a large client base that includes Oracle India Limited., Himalaya Drug Company, Prestige Group, Epsilon Ventures Pvt Ltd, Cushman & Wakefield, Saint-Gobain India Pvt. ltd (Crystal) Bangalore, J.D Clothing Company, Bangalore, amongst others.

G5 Infra, over the years have ensured seamless, consistent, highly effective consulting and compliance services with in-depth knowledge of local/regional EHS requirements and a worldwide network of technical and regulatory expertise. In the coming years, it aims to be one of the best service providers in the industry known for its quality of work. “We want customers to have "Single Window" approach, and we can provide integrated technical solutions. By our technical skills and methodology, we suggest customers to have proper solutions along with effective reduction in cost, coupled with the highest quality,” he concludes.