Gadget Analyst India: Enriching Clients' Businesses across Integrated Online Portals with End-to-End Services

Amit Singh Rajpoot,CEOWith the surge in new e-Commerce entrants lately in India, the need to engrave their online presence through sustainable strategies has become critical among many companies. Gadget Analyst India (GA+), an end-to-end e-Commerce consultancy service provider, is witnessing that majority of these companies have no knowledge about onboarding their services from offline to online. Hence by garnering their requirements, the firm guides all these companies right from initiating their business, bringing them online till enhancing their revenue through an e-Commerce portal. “Our profound expertise and associations with diverse marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, eBay and many others are our pillars of strength in crafting services that can greatly promote sales of customers,” claims Amit Singh Rajpoot, CEO, GA+.

Full-Fledged Services
To kick-start the client’s business on any online sales platform of their choice, GA+ first analyzes the platform’s criteria and provides them with GST registration services. Being an authorised service provider network on Amazon, it ensures to offer free registration to customers only on this portal while
charging them a nominal fee for other portals. Once they are registered with their dedicated account online, the firm extends its arm in imaging the client’s products at high quality as well as cataloguing them with the best and highly impactful content.

To kick-start the client’s business on any online sales platform of their choice, GA+ first analyzes the platform’s criteria and provides them with GST registration services

In addition to these E-Sell services, GA+ also handholds the clients in managing their accounts with respect to cataloguing, imaging, adding new listing of products, theme selection, inventory handling and many more aspects. The GA+ team of e-Commerce specialist account managers select the right product and escalating its visibility via end-to-end services entailing promotional campaigns, product awareness, branding, digital marketing and products expansion.

Going the Extra Mile
While few clients are unaware of managing their accounts even after being furnished with the complete setup, GA+ trains them personally at its office or through e-training sessions to grow their businesses independently. In cases of suspension or cancellation of selling privileges of the clients by Amazon, the firm devises a precise plan of action to effectively address the problem and reinstate their
accounts. For clients who wish to affiliate their businesses,it supplies a manpower base well-trained in e-Commerce space to manage all their accounts at prescribed locations.

Back in 2015, GA+ embarked into selling of products online and handling some of the clients’ accounts and later into delivering services by 2016. Harbouring part-time work experiences as ATES (Amaon Trained E-Commerce Specialist)of Amazon firstly and then as a full-time employee, Sumit Singh Tomar had founded the firm with a belief that he is adept at handling any client after comprehending A-Z about their company. The entire team at GA+ conforms to the compliances of no second time onboarding of existing sellers and securing confidential information of all sellers by preventing leakage of their information among others. With an expansion in Business, GA+ is now offering a FRANCHISEE PROGRAM wherein GA+ aims to partner with high potential organizations to generate seller demand for Amazon. In this program, GA+ aim to leverage the existing relationship of its partners with SMB clients to register them with Amazon and help expand their business for online selling. The proposed collaboration involves partner sales reps prospecting potential SMB(Small & Medium Businesses), pitching them the value of selling online, and launching them on Amazon post training and account set up assistance.

Relishing more than Rs.35 lakh revenue currently,GA+ is planning to launch a new website where in it can onboard sellers from different marketplaces and also aspires to design its own e-Commerce panel.