Goodwill Retail: Integrating Innovation to Offer Class-Leading Solutions

Mahendra Shinde,Founder & Creative Director

Mahendra Shinde

Founder & Creative Director

Amidst all the different consultancy strata, the retail consultancy industry has been an often-overlooked business segment with a visible lack of quality players that exclusively focuses on the retail sector. Acknowledging this gap in the market, industry stalwart Mahendra Shinde zeroed in on the establishment of Goodwill Retail. His retail branding experience started with the largest and most reputed retail and pharma companies in India including HUL, Pepsico, ITC and Sun Pharma to name a few.

Owing to his industry expertise and business acumen, Mahendra Shinde has also been praised on multiple occasions by Shopper Marketing Magazine among many others. Within three years of their operation, Good-will Retail has acquired 12 top tier clients based on their own goodwill, service and excellent product quality. The transparency and uniqueness of their services have helped Goodwill Retail to build a positive reputation in the industry and create a niche in the market.

Unlike most other companies operating in the sector that adopts the one size fits all approach, Goodwill Retail has been able to offer bespoke services and solutions based on their clients' requirements. "Our company uses a simple strategy to provide customized solutions. For one, it should be unique to each of our clients and fit within the client's budget. To this end, we give clients a clear
understanding of how new merchandising solutions can be used to highlight their products and how they can be consumer-friendly. When we get a brief from the client, we first ask who their target audience is and similarly, we show the client how we can at-tract that target audience to the client's consumer products. Once we understand the client's budget, we convince them how all the facilities from designing, demo sampling, final production, courier packaging, freight processing to execution will be provided by our company under one umbrella and thus saving their time and money", avers, Mahendra Shinde, Founder and Creative Director, Goodwill Retail.

Adding about the uniqueness of their operations and the growth of Goodwill Retail, Mahendra adds, "When providing solutions to clients in various segments such as visual merchandising, POP & POSM, we mainly consider three things. First, we look at what kind of concept has the client's competitor used for the same category? We study this first. Secondly, we make sure that the branding we provide is In-store branding, which is a visual display solution that will be new to the market. Finally, in the client's budget and in the given timeline, we use the latest technology to ensure that the production and delivery across India are going to be seamless and the client is satisfied.

Our company uses a simple strategy to provide customized solutions. For one, it should be unique to each of our clients and fit within the client's budget

In Courier, we will be using innovative packaging concepts and materials so that the client's product can be safely delivered to warehouses without damages. With that said, when it comes to our growth, the real credit goes to our clients and owing to the fact that, we have maintained the trust of our clients. In fact, the client's trust in us and the best time management that we offer are our USPs. Also, we work with the clients as a good channel partner without ever having just a vendor relationship. We believe that, our success is in the sales growth of our clients and that is what we have always tried to do.

All this has helped Goodwill Retail to not just create but also maintain an impressive clientele that includes companies from different verticals and going forward, Goodwill Retail is striving to set up a well-equipped large fabrication workshop for making portable furniture of the highest quality for their clients as well as the general public and in order to expand to different business verticals.