Ideal Insurance Brokers: Customized Insurance Solutions under One Roof

Rahul Agarwal,CEO‘Like any successful organization, our team is our biggest asset’ – says Rahul Agarwal, CEO, Ideal Insurance Brokers. With more than 200 + employees that comprises of MBA’s, engineers, Insurance specialists, qualified techno marketing experts - a mixture of both young and experienced brains, Kolkata based Ideal Insurance is a 12-year-old running insurance brokerage company better known for its continuous strive towards achieving perfection through knowledge enhancement and its ability to provide customized service package to meet an individual’s insurance needs.

The brainchild of Rahul Agarwal, a qualified CFA and an MBA degree holder from S.P. Jain Institute of Management who was quite early to trigger his entrepreneurial passion, Ideal Insurance Brokers is laid on the founding objective to enhance the degree of professionalism in the insurance selling interface and render risk management and professional consultancy guidance to its customers. Moreover, the firm helps to strengthen the clients’ balance sheets, thereby fostering higher levels of investors and boosting customer’s confidence.

Speaking on his inception journey, Rahul mentions, “If we look at the insurance graph closely we can clearly identify the lacuna existing in the vast space. Though the
country’s life insurance penetration might have crossed over 30 percent still a major part is under insured. And, finding that as insurance is the only business that pays for losses and the satisfaction achieved from handing a claim cheque to a needy person is unparalleled, we decided to step our footprints for a noble cause, i.e., making insurance a household name. Thus, Ideal Insurance Brokers came into being.”

Recently Ideal Insurance has launched its online portal ‘ 121 a completely integrated online platform and allows one to access and compare the prices and premiums across multiple companies and purchase it online, specifically in healthcare arena

Benefiting the Masses – Through Effective Plans & Solutions
Ideal Insurance Brokers profoundly serves the mission to create awareness and distribute the benefit to masses. Pinpointing satisfaction as the driving it prefers to be a one-stop solution shop in all multi-aspects insurance-related issues. Acting as a similar platform that deals with multiple clarifications, the company entitles to diverse categories such as Life Insurance, General Insurance, Individual Insurance, Corporate Insurance, Public Insurers & Private Insurers and so on. “We leverage our best in understanding and evaluating an individual’s insurance needs, design a comprehensive insurance plan accordingly, find the best available policies t, negotiate with different
insurance companies and then lend a complete claim support with reviewing policies on a timely basis,” avers Rahul.

Touted to be one of the largest service providers in the key subjects of fleet, credit, health and infrastructure insurance, the company rather than trying hands on every thing focuses on three-four areas and aims to build a significant brand image for themselves. Captivating Risk Assessment & Audit (RRA)as its flagship offering, Agarwal states, “Before pitching any policy we conduct a free insurance audit wherein we study each and every policy copy, identify the gap, risk emerging and determine on how to mitigate them.” – The Online Way
Recently Ideal Insurance has launched its online portal ‘121, a completely integrated online platform gets allows one to access and compare the prices and premiums across multiple companies and purchase it online, specifically in the healthcare arena. Investing in major technological applications such as Microsoft CRM, the company leverages services in a tab or just a click away. “We have raised some private equity funds from a venture capitalist and moving ahead, we want to have our PAN India presence,” he adds.

A mandated broker under IRD, Ideal caters to prominent names like ZoomCar, MeruCabs, Trident Hotel, ISB, Marriott and more. Growing exponentially with a revenue rate of 2 million dollars, the company endeavours to generate 10 x growths and in premium targets 500cr. in the next five years along with carving a niche as one of the fastest growing insurance brokerage firms that is available 24/7, round the clock.